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Premiere: Fork-Tailed Woodnymph - Resistance (Kindimmer Remix) [Hummingbird by BPZ]

Hummingbird by BPZ label have curated a tasteful package this summer in the form of their Invasive Species remix release. The original Invasive Specie album saw label founder Benjamin Phillipe Zulauf turn out a new moniker, Fork-Tailed Woodnypmh, an alias seeing him utilising an array of percussion instrument recordings he has collected throughout the years. The digitally released five tracker will land this August, and includes stellar remixes from Inkipak, Roya Brehl, Kindimmer, Andre Gardeja, and Violett, and whilst the music speaks for itself, the release also puts the spotlight on the pressing issues of a modern day problem as we race to make a brighter future before our climate faces irreversible change.

The opening remix Inkipak’s Inkimix of “Black Tar Sands'' is structured upon ethereal textures, shimmering synths help build the tension before releasing with subtle drums, an ambient and thought provoking track. Roya Brehl’s remix of the same track takes a slightly different approach, hypnotic drum loops converse with the eccentric percussions all having their own space to breathe, transcending the listener with every twist and turn. Next up is Kindimmer’s melodic remix of “Resistance”, although uplifting there is a chunky broken groove driving the track in forward momentum, a classy outtake of the original, perfect for the hazy summer mornings. Andre Gardeja provides the most mysterious remix from the five with “Invasive Specie”, dark tones work their way around the enormous kick, and clap, leaning towards the techno genre throughout the 7 minute trip. Closing the EP is Violett’s “In The Middle Of The Nothing Remix” of “Plastification Personification”. Smooth, underwater-like elements breathing life into the peculiar layout of the track that meanders around the key bassline component, urging you to wander between positive thoughts and ponder questions one may have for life or the universe.

Hummingbird By BPZ using intelligent and innovative music to address important issues we face as a generation, help spread the message that all of us as caretakers and stake shareholders of this planet should be paying close attention to. The release is available now via the Hummingbird Bandcamp and various other digital and streaming platforms.


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