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Premiere: Cristian Viviano - Acid Juice [Descending Order]

Cristian Viviano

Descending Order's latest release comes directly from label frontman Cristian Viviano, following his recent feature on Jamie Jones' renowned Paradise Records. Download/stream it here

In the track "Just Tell Me," Cristiano seamlessly blends nostalgic old-school grooves and uplifting melodies, accompanied by enchanting vocals. The result is nothing short of amazing, creating a musical journey that resonates with both seasoned enthusiasts and new listeners alike.

Paying homage to the legendary B.I.G, "Been Here B4" emerges as a powerful tribute. The track weaves together stunning grooves and reggae-infused vocals, igniting the dance floor with an infectious energy that is impossible to resist.

The EP's standout masterpiece, "Acid Juice," propels listeners to the pinnacle of sonic ecstasy. The irresistible combination of groove and bass guides the audience to a climactic main break, inducing an eruption of energy that reverberates through the crowd.

Descending Order and Cristian Viviano have once again proven their prowess in delivering a musical experience that transcends boundaries. Dive into the enchanting world of this EP and let the captivating sounds elevate your senses. Embrace the nostalgia, pay homage to legends, and surrender to the infectious beats - this release is a testament to the dynamic creativity that defines Descending Order and Cristian Viviano.

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