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Premiere: Chris Larsen - This Beat [Repopulate Mars]

Chris Larsen

Chris Larsen is becoming a name of note within his native scene in Toronto. His tech house sound is all about new school designs and can be found on labels such as Snatch!, Rawthentic and South of Saturn. Once again, he brings the heat to Lee Foss's vital Repopulate Mars for the excellent two-track 'Have My Love' EP.

'Have My Love' is a funk-fuelled track built on raw, driving kicks, overlaid with swirling synths that rise through the mix and morph into joyous piano chords. It's a simple yet hugely effective combination as the lush loops and filters keep on rolling, lifting spirits ever higher next to gorgeous vocal stabs. 'This Beat' is more classic house, this time with swaggering hip-hop bars over bulky metallic beats and plenty of scratching, and is surefire to blow up the dancefloor.

Chris Larsen ‘Have My Love’ drops via Repopulate Mars on 13th October 2023.

Repopulate Mars


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