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Meet KAPP, an artist who has developed a subversive sound identity

Nicolle Prado

An endless journey marked by self-discovery and self-expression. This is how KAPP's trajectory unfolds. Born in São Paulo, Brenno Balbino, the name behind the project, already showed his artistic appeal as a child, when at the age of ten he was already tinkering with the piano keys, letting himself be enveloped by the melody that flowed from his hands. Once the seed had sprouted, his love for music only blossomed over the years. 

From piano to bass, he built up an expertise with different instruments, which also brought new possibilities and sound horizons to explore. From Alternative Rock bands to deep dives into Psychedelic Rock, each step was a unique and essential experience for his encounter with Dance Music, where he found his true voice. Unbound, without limits, he threw himself headlong into an ocean of rhythms, exploring everything from the breakbeats of Electro to the hypnotic beats of Acid House, making his music a manifesto of freedom and a celebration of diversity.

Today, KAPP, who lives in London/UK, creates a unique and organic synthesis of sounds and feelings, developing an aesthetic that is purely his own, an authentic expression of his background and personality. This concept was already clear in his first single "Burning Lips", released in 2022, but it takes on new proportions with the release of "Full Spectrum", which hit the platforms at the end of last year on his own label, Bunker 194 Records.

For this release, the artist goes deeper into the message he seeks to convey in his music, clearly expressing the movement of introspection, inviting the listener to immerse themselves in their deepest feelings and express them fully, without restrictions. The track's meaning is clear in its lyrics, but it gains even more strength with the melody and dynamic groove, which develops from beats, acid basslines and a provocative and impactful vocal. 

The production also got a special remix by CRAZED (BR), which hit the platforms on February 16. The artist is known for the dynamism of his sound identity, which moves through Techno, Detroit Techno, Ghetto-tech, Hard Drum, Electro and Breaks, and it is this approach that he brings to his reinterpretation of the track. The remix is based on a vibrant melody, with synths and beats that pulsate with energy, futuristic elements and hypnotic textures.


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