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Lorenzo Galardi prepares "Sonda" his new EP on EXODUS Recordings

Record Sounds Like: Acid, Techno, 90s Techno

In his own words: "Sonda" recalls a bit the techno and psytrance 90s with the basslines and arpeggiator of the famous synthesizer TB 303, using aggressive and sharp drums for an experience even richer in energy. The title of the EP tells of a journey inside a probe, in fact in the ambient track "Intro" and also at the beginning of the main track of the EP "Sonda" I use acid sounds that remind a little parameters of operation of a probe. And to finish the psytrance track "Acid Space" these acid sounds used report exactly in the past in the 90s.. With this EP I want to tell the desire to go back in the past and feel the true sound of techno of the 90s.. I was inspired by great acid techno classics like: (Tesox, Acid Junkies, System 7, The Advent etc.). Techno is a story that can be told in many ways, I wanted to tell it my way, through my imagination and my mood.


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