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Lara Klart – Te Amo Madrid is OUT NOW on Destination V

Follow Lara Klart on Soundcloud / Instagram / Facebook

Follow Destination V on Soundcloud / Instagram / Facebook

Destination V is back with more goodness from American producer and techno favourite Lara Klart who already impressed this year with Destination and now comes through with Te Amo Madrid.

Te Amo Madrid is a pulling, powerful hue track with lovely warm synths that radiate from the centre. The production is smart, the energy uptempo but what defines it all is the catchy Latin-Flamenco vocals that really light up the tune in style. Te Amo Madrid (Alexander Technique Remix) then flips the tune into a panel beating techno roller with monstrous kicks, raw percussive energy and the subtle soul from the vocals.

This is another superb cut from Klart and a top Alexander Technique Remix.


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