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Label Lounge: Exploring Indie Dance and Sincopat With Label Boss AFFKT


Hailing from the Spanish mainland, Marc Martinez Nadal, better known as AFFKT, is a prominent figure in the global music scene. With a career spanning back to 2008, AFFKT has carved out his path in the electronic music landscape, seamlessly blending energetic techno with innovative indie-electronica. His dedication to perfection and experimentation has led to collaborations with renowned artists and labels, including GusGus, Oliver Koletzki, and Mobilee.

As the driving force behind the Sincopat label, AFFKT continues to push boundaries and explore new sonic territories. His versatility extends beyond solo projects, evidenced by his dynamic collaborations with vocalist Sutja Gutierrez, which resulted in captivating live performances. From his acclaimed LP "Son of a Thousand Sounds" to his latest album "The Big Picture" on Mobilee, AFFKT's music transcends entertainment, offering dance-floor euphoria and emotional resonance.

Fresh from the release of his latest record, the collaborative 'Past Is Prologue' EP on Sincopat with James Harcourt, and ahead of upcoming shows in Bali and Melbourne, we celebrate AFFKT as our next Label Lounge guest: 

Thanks for joining us today. Where are you talking to us from, and what have you been up to over the last few weeks?

It is a pleasure to talk to you; I am speaking to you from the Sincopat headquarters, which is located inside Pobla Studios in Valencia, Spain. For the last few weeks, I have been in Ibiza with my family on vacation. 

Introduce your record label and tell us about the influence and vision behind it.

Sincopat is an adventure that I started almost 15 years ago and a space for artists who are not afraid to make the music they are passionate about over hypes and styles.

What artists have released on the label, and what artists would you like to sign music from in future?

We have released hundreds of artists from all over the world in all this time, but I would highlight the contribution in the label's discography of some like Darlyn Vlys, Upercent, Renato Cohen, Audio Junkies, Piek, James Harcourt, Giza Djs and of course of myself like AFFKT. 

What do you look for when curating releases for your label?

My main premise is to find timeless music that does not leave you cold, music that avoids clichés and that somehow seeks to have a new and special language. I've always liked releases where all the songs are connected with each other, and together, they tell a story.


What release on your label has had the most significant impact and why?

In general, it is difficult to predict which launches will be most successful. During 14 years, we have had many milestones along the way. 

All the releases have been both a learning experience and a source of pride for us, so I'll keep all of them.

What other labels are you currently enjoying and why?

Right now, I like many labels like Pets Recordings, Kompakt, Stil For Talent, ELLUM, Clash Lion, Polaris and Dust & Blood, to name just a few. 

What is your favourite track ever released on the label and why?

This is a difficult question, but if I had to choose one, it would be the Darlyn Vlys album or the Piek album. 

What characteristics make a good label boss?

I think there are many ways to be a good label manager, but there is one thing that all good cable bosses have, which is wanting to take care of all the details of a release. 

There are things I've learned over the years, like having the perspective to try to understand how the music we sign now will be understood when it is released. On the other hand, being organised always helps, and surrounding yourself with supportive people at all stages.

Above all, the desire to continue creating unique musical capsules is perfect for people to enjoy and hopefully survive the passage of time.  

What advice do you have for other potential label bosses and aspiring artists?

I would tell them to learn as much as they can about everything related to a label, from knowing something about art for the artwork to administrative management to some sound engineering skills, publishing, etc., and especially that they are enthusiastic to continue learning day by day, because the business changes so fast that sometimes we don't even realise it. 


Lastly, what can we expect from your label in the coming months?

We have a lot of special launches this year that are already in the pipeline. Artists like Upercent, James Harcourt, Damon Jee, Far&High Phunkadelica, Mr Morek & Stas Drive, Alican - and of course myself as AFFKT.


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