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Joseph Capriati and Indira Paganotto Unite for Milestone ARTCORE Release

Indira Paganotto and Joseph Capriati

As ARTCORE enters its tenth release, Indira Paganotto's burgeoning label signals its intent with an impressive offering from longstanding Techno authority Joseph Capriati, who joins Indira on a two-track collaboration. Listen here.

Joseph & Indira's 'Mantra' is another testament to ARTCORE's ever-increasing influence in Techno and global electronic dance music. This release features two dynamic tracks showcasing the signature styles of both artists. It kicks off with 'Ananda,' which exudes a potent classic Techno feel, characterised by Capriati's thumping kicks, crisp percussive drive, and progressive energy shifts. The track is further enhanced by Indira's hypnotic exotic vocal chops and gritty LFO shots.

'Mantra' rounds off the release with an inverted sound transition, leaning heavily into the 'Psy' sound that has propelled Indira's notoriety. The track is flooded with undulating low-end movement, creative off-beat flair, shifting rhythmic patterns, and uplifting musicality. Its immersive blend of darker sounds and spiritually utopian nuances creates an undeniably unique statement track.

Known for his endless spree of unforgettable mainstage performances and international club shows, including standout residencies in Ibiza, Joseph Capriati's studio productions have been carefully selected and rare in recent years. The emergence of this latest collaboration with Indira Paganotto marks a significant endorsement from one of Techno's most respected tastemakers and highlights ARTCORE's growing impact on the global dance music scene.

ARTCORE010 Artwork


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