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Joint4Nine - That Good Of Love EP [Back Door Records]

Record Sounds Like: (Deep House / House / Techno)

This March, Back Door Records unveil a debut from Joint4Nine, marking a vibrant addition to its catalogue. Straight out of Bogotá, Colombia, with "That Good Of Love," Joint4Nine, showcases his talent and deep-rooted passion for the essence of House music. This EP is a lesson in blending deep cuts with old-school grooves, engineered to capture the dance floor with its undeniable heft and energy.

Joint4Nine is an artist from the bustling Bogotá music scene; a bona fide beat-making maestro, with an ability to craft grooves that resonate on a higher level. His work on "That Good Of Love" features a rich mix of funk-infused beats, vocal snippets, and a raw, pulsating groove that promises to hit you in your very core. As a co-founder of Nomada Records, Joint4Nine has been igniting Colombia's house music scene with his beats.


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