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Italian Producer 19:26 Delivers Powerful Remix Of Sascha Breimer's 'Geiger'

Italian producer 19:26 has been on a sharp upwards trajectory over the past few years, chartering his emotional, melodic techno cuts on some of the industry’s most prominent imprints. Returning to the release front with a powerful rendition of German artist Sascha Braemer’s Geiger, 19:26’s official remix is out now on Surrealism.

Opening with hard-hitting bass and shuffling percussion, 19:26’s Geiger remix commands attention from the very first beat. Building tension with eerie pads and samples, 19:26 unleashes a striking synth lead that takes over full control. Building the arrangement once again, he interlaces trance elements and rhythmic percussion, resulting in an outstanding peak time cut that has already created show-stopping moments in sets around the world. 19:26 is a trailblazing Italian electronic music project that emerged from the bustling city of Milan in 2019. With a captivating emotive techno sound that seamlessly blends ambient and neoclassical influences, the project has become renowned for its ability to evoke a wide spectrum of emotions through its masterfully crafted productions. Featuring enveloping and hypnotic grooves, and an unwavering attention to the aesthetics of each sound, 19:26's music creates an immersive listening experience that transports listeners on a journey through a kaleidoscope of feelings. Boasting support from some of the biggest names in the electronic music scene, including Tale of Us, Tiësto, Adriatique, Mathame, Fideles, John Digweed, and Fur Coat, 19:26 has quickly established himself as a leading force in the industry. 19:26's discography showcases a diverse collection of notable tracks, including Lost Smiles, Able to Dream and 22 Police released on Atlant, as well as Hundred Reasons, Vertigo and Alaska on Oddity. Putting his own spin on Avidus' Dawn on Fayer and Henri Bergmann’s Higher Dimension, his official remixes helped him to gain worldwide momentum. Performing all around the globe, he has captivated crowds in Lebanon, Tunisia, France, Spain, Holland, Egypt, Morocco, Switzerland, India, Belgium and many more. Reaching new heights in 2023 with the release of hit tracks XX on Siamese and Disobedience on Zamna Records alongside Animal Picnic, 19:26 continues to stand out from the masses with his masterful cuts and unique musical approach.

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