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Introducing AC55ID: A New Music Marketplace Where Artists Keep 100% of Their Earnings

AC55ID - Sell digital, vinyl and merch, keep all your earnings. We take 0%. On-demand vinyl pressing and a top-tier fulfilment center included. Your music, your success, our commitment.

AC55ID announced that it has launched its online music marketplace and hub with the goal of fostering a fair ecosystem for independent electronic music artists and labels. The Bandcamp alternative, which runs on an affordable subscription model, provides members with free use of its unique dedicated fulfilment center, which streamlines the processing and shipping of vinyl and merchandise, inclusive of dedicated customer support. AC55ID shows its commitment by ensuring that artists retain 100% of their earnings from digital and physical sales through its marketplace, with AC55ID taking 0%.

Showcasing its industry appeal, dozens of esteemed labels have already joined the platform, including the renowned Nechto record label by DJ Nastia or Be As One label by Shlomi Aber, with many more exciting announcements on the horizon.

We were inspired by the success of Bandcamp Fridays, where the first Friday of each month saw Bandcamp waiving its revenue share,” explained James, CEO of AC55ID. “We’ve taken this idea a step further by guaranteeing artists and labels an unprecedented 100% of their earnings consistently. Our pledge covers all digital and physical sales through its marketplace, aiming to foster a fairer ecosystem for independent creators. At AC55ID, it's Bandcamp Friday every day.

At AC55ID it's Bandcamp Friday Every Day

AC55ID offers an economical monthly subscription model: just $10 for artists and $29 for labels, inclusive of unlimited artist profiles and releases. In contrast, Bandcamp charges $50 per month for unlimited artist accounts. Subscriber benefits include full pricing and quantity control, physical and merchandise fulfillment, event schedule displays, and unlimited redownloads of music purchases. Realizing the company’s commitment to sustainable vinyl pressing, AC55ID’s On-Demand Vinyl Pressing enables fan-powered campaigns with a progressive solution that minimizes waste. Customers also have the choice of Bio Vinyl, a bio-based petroleum-free PVC sourced from cooking oil or industrial exhaust gases.

AC55ID invites artists, labels, and music enthusiasts to explore its platform and join a growing community dedicated to creating a fair ecosystem. For more information and sign-up, visit AC55ID. Plus, celebrate their launch with a special early access offer: sign up before July 31st with code AR2024 at for a complimentary one-month subscription.


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