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Interview with Romanian minimal house maestro Deelighter

Iulian Constantin, hailing from Buzau and now based in Bucharest, performs under the moniker Deelighter. As a DJ and producer, he crafts warm, organic electronic beats, capping at 130 BPM. His discography is concise but growing, marking significant progress from the previous year.

Deelighter was chosen by as the electronic music composer of the year, awarded by the public in September 2023 His sound draws inspiration from icons like Ion Ludwig, Random Factor, DJ Sneak, Franky Knuckles, and Ricardo Villalobos. Above all, Francesco del Garda reigns as his top influence and most played DJ.

Debuting on Volumo Direct with No Escape From This EP, Deelighter brings us two tracks of deep, hypnotic, intricately produced minimal house music.

Moving to Bacau at a young age was a pivotal moment for your love of electronic music. How do you think the local scene and artists in Bacau shaped your sound and approach to music production and DJing?

The scene in Bacău at that time was on the rise as electronic music in Romania was on the rise as well, which sparked my curiosity to discover a favorite genre of electronic music. It wasn't until 2011 when I came to college that I can say I truly discovered my preferred style because I had more access to information, to parties with underground music.

You've mentioned that nature, love, light, and classic house tracks inspire your music. Can you share a specific moment or experience in nature that directly influenced a track or set you've created?

I can mention a rave organized by me and a friend of mine; at that time, we had a YouTube channel called The Meaningful House, and we decided to organize a rave in a clearing in a forest near Buzău. We contacted an acquaintance from the local press and told them about our idea, and the next day it was written about in the local press. We unexpectedly had many people attend, although we were expecting around 20 or 30 people, there were in total about 170 - 200 people. This inspired and directed me to think that I should also produce music, not just DJ. I can say that moment was decisive for the path I chose from then on!

Can you walk us through your creative process when starting a new track? What inspires you to begin, and how do you decide it's finished?

I don't have a specific creative process to start a project. I simply create a groovy bassline, and then I start to hum a version of the melody, for a pad, a lead example, or any instrument, and then I transpose them into Ableton, and I consider that a piece of mine is ready when it tells a story with an intro, a middle part, and a conclusion.

Can you tell us about your new EP No Escape From This - any specific inspirations behind this one?

Yes, there are indeed some specific influences. For example, I listened to that little Christian story in the song "Lion Heart" in a video and decided to create a suitable soundtrack for it. As for the song "No Escape From This", I simply woke up with the groove of the bass in my head, and the song came out. Sometimes, inspiration comes spontaneously and unexpectedly!

How has your sound evolved since you started your career, and what have been the key influences on this evolution?

I can say that my sound has evolved by learning to gather accurate and true information from here, along with the continuous development of the sound. It was very difficult until I met the right people, but now everything is okay, and I am grateful to them for the knowledge I have gained over the years.

The digital age has transformed how artists distribute music and connect with fans. How has this affected your strategy for releasing music and building a fanbase?

I feel like I'm struggling to find a balance between algorithmic visibility and the quality of my music. I've noticed that algorithms and other factors play a significant role in exposure, sometimes overshadowing the quality of the music itself. However, I prioritize the understanding and appreciation of my music and style by listeners over rapid fan base growth. I believe it's essential to stay true to my artistic vision and connect with those who resonate with my work, rather than solely focusing on metrics like fan numbers. Quality over quantity, and genuine connection over mass appeal, can often lead to more fulfilling artistic experiences.

Sharing the DJ booth with artists like Lizz, Cosmjn, Mihai Pol, and others must have been enriching. Can you describe a particularly memorable collaboration or performance with one of these artists and how it impacted your music or career outlook?

I've had the chance to meet Mihai several times. He's a special artist, modest, always giving helpful advice, and I can say he influenced me through the musical non-conformism he approaches. He has a unique sound, easily recognizable, and that's how I believe things should be in electronic music.

Electronic music often overlaps with technology and innovation. Are there any new technologies or tools that have significantly impacted your music production or performance?

I'm trying to use both new and old tools; it doesn't matter as long as they help me develop my ideas.

The electronic music scene is diverse and constantly evolving. How do you stay relevant and innovative in such a dynamic environment?

Staying relevant, first and foremost, by being modest. I'm not trying to copy anyone; everything I do comes from the heart. If God decides to reward me by having my music listened to well, then great, but if not, that's okay too. I don't feel pressured to be a producer; I'm not competing with anyone from any music scene, and perhaps that helps me to be innovative.

Deelighter - No Escape From This out now on Volumo Direct


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