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Interview: Up Close and Personal With London-based Underground Talent Ryan Paul

Ryan Paul

For many, London is considered one of the most significant musical outlets on the planet, especially where dance music is concerned. Something about the capital and its rich, longstanding culture of underground music, anti-establishmentarianism and inclusive musical communities has alchemised a continuum of blossoming artistic talents that have perpetuated through decades - helping to shape the face and ears of dance music’s ever-evolving landscape.

Having been involved in London’s nightlife scene for over a decade, I have had the pleasure of watching several talented enthusiasts go from mere weekend ravers all the way through to fully-fledged artists in their own right. One of those people is emerging DJ/Producer Ryan Paul.

“My goal is to be the guy who makes the secret weapons!” - Ryan Paul.

Aside from knowing Ryan personally, which is a privilege owing to his all-round infectiousness as a great human, watching his musical progress over the last few years has been a joy to behold.

In a recent exclusive interview, we delved into his journey into music, creative process, and future aspirations.

Currently based in his studio in London, he shared that he has been dedicating his spare time to creating music over the past few weeks. Before diving into his current career, Ryan used to play semi-professional sports, but his love for music led him to immerse himself in the scene entirely.

As a burgeoning artist, Ryan shared his approach towards promoting his music. He believes in creating compelling music and letting people discover it organically. He also emphasised the importance of supporting fellow artists. “I’m very early in my career and still learning. Making good music and letting people find that organically is what I’m into. Also, support other artists’ music. If you like someone’s tune - tell them!” says Ryan.

Ryan recently released a 3-track EP (including a remix from Hungarian Daniel Meister) on one of his favourite labels, Alliwant, run by James Cole. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with the EP currently ranking number three on Beatport’s minimal release charts. You can grab a copy on Beatport HERE or check it out below.

When asked how he takes care of his mental health, Ryan stressed the importance of staying in shape; “exercise for me is the big one. As long as I get that in, everything else follows,” he adds.

His creative process often begins with a musical element that sets the track’s tone. He admitted to a tendency to overcomplicate things. Hence, he tries to maximise every sound before adding more details.

Ryan also had some solid advice for other upcoming artists, imploring them to “make music that you can’t stop listening to.” He also emphasised the importance of giving your true self to the craft; if you “build your sound with passion, people will hear that.

Ryan Paul

Reflecting on his goals for the year, Ryan expressed his satisfaction with his journey thus far. He has surpassed his initial goal of releasing some tracks and is excited about his progress.

As for the future, Ryan aims to be the creator of secret weapons in the music industry, hinting at more innovative and exciting music to come.

You can keep up with Ryan on Instagram and Soundcloud.

As one of London’s newest emerging names, he’s undoubtedly one to earmark for the future. We look forward to watching him continue his ascent into 2024 and beyond!


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