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Interview: Tuccillo Talks Kaoz Theory, the Neapolitan Scene & More


Italy-born, Ibiza-based producer and DJ, Tuccillo, joins the roster of Kerri Chandler’s Kaoz Theory this June with ‘The Waves’ EP, made up of five original compositions. You can grab your copy here:

Based on the balearic island of Ibiza, Giuseppe Tuccillo, better known simply by his last name is a producer synonymous with a groove driven sound which blurs the lines between House, Deep House, Disco and Micro House with unparalleled finesse. Over the years his music has graced the likes of Nu Groove, Kwench, 20:20 Vision, Defected and Holic Trax, run by Tomoki Tamura with whom he collaborates on the Doublet project. Here though, Tuccillo’s latest works come via the much-loved Kerri Chandler helmed, Kaoz Theory.

To celebrate his latest release, we caught up with Tuccillo for an immersive chat around music, home life and much more:

Hi Tuccillo, thanks for taking the time to talk with us here at UNDRTONE London, your new EP ‘The Waves’ is coming soon via Kerri Chandler’s Kaoz Theory label; for those yet to hear it, could you tell us a little about this EP and how it came together with Kerri?

Hello everyone, this EP was born from an idea and a dream that I have had for a long time because I am a big fan of Kerri, and I also had the luck to meet him in Ibiza.

I like his music, his personality, and, of course, his Kaoz theory is an excellent label with many good artists and friends.

The tracks are from different periods, I’ve been with a folder called “for Kerri” for a long time, but until I got to put five ideas, I didn’t want to send them...

And my idea was to send them five songs so they could choose 3 or 4, and in the end, they liked all five, and I’m super happy about this.

I can’t wait to have the vinyl at home and play it. It is a magnificent ritual.

You’re from Napoli, Italy. Could you share a little about your hometown, how you began to discover electronic music and later, how you started to DJ and produce music coming out of this city?

I’m from Napoli. It is an extraordinary and fantastic city with many good artists and delicious food. I miss her.

I was lucky to live it and start producing music in the early 90s, when dance music was booming, and it was easy to fall in love with electronic music.

It has been a fantastic moment with many record stores, parties and labels like the mythical UMM from Flying Records, where in 1996, I had my first release and later worked in the studios.

Currently, it is known more for its several famous techno music artists, but during the nineties, the most prevalent sound was house music.

My great inspiration to start producing and being a DJ comes from these wonderful periods, especially in the big events where I have been lucky enough to listen to Frankie Knuckles, Todd Terry, MAW, and Tony Humpries.

You have an extensive back catalogue of material, and your sound often straddles the lines between house, techno and electronica in varying forms and under many different guises. Please tell us a little about your process when you make music and where you find influence.

I listen to a lot of music, styles, and acoustic, not just electronic music, and this may lead me to the time of creating.

I have many musical influences; when I make music, I almost always start by looking for a bass line or some chords, and then I begin to groove and structure.

I usually take a lot of breaks, live in a natural environment, and sometimes I get inspiration from working out in the garden and taking care of plants or pets.

Where to make your music? Do you work from home or in a studio? What are the dominant pieces of equipment you’re using to produce, in the box with software predominantly or are you also collecting synthesisers, drum machines and other outboard gear?

I work in my studio that I usually take home, and in different cities, I’m living near Valencia, and I typically go to Ibiza in the summer for gigs or to see friends. Still, I’m at a different stage where I concentrate much on the studio, not only my stuff. I also work for other artists helping them with mixes or arrangements.

Regarding the machines, I’ve been using the same system since I started in the 90s; I have a computer as a sequencer and different hardware, I mix on an analogue table with various multi-effects compressors, and I record the master only once. I usually use everything I’ve been buying for years, like the akai s950 bought in 1994, the first Korg Trinity, DX7, the Juno106 etc. I also have a drum machine, but I usually use the Akai more for the drums; I like its lo-fi conversion.

How is the summer of 2023 looking for you? Are there any notable plans, key shows, or releases you have planned that you’d like to highlight?

This summer, I have the pleasure of being part of a new project in Ibiza in a new club called Club Chinois, and the party is Trip; on Saturdays, I have already been able to be part of posters with Dan Ghenacia, Shonky, Moodyman, Carl Craig, Tomoki Tamura, Tania Vulcano. I don’t usually travel a lot lately because I’m focusing more on the studio, not just my projects.

About releases, this for Kaoz Theory is something significant for me, being a big fan of Kerri and also coming from releases in Nu groove with a more classic house sound, in The Waves EP, maybe I will touch my club side more, future releases, I’m currently still working on releasing more stuff on my Unblock records and also House of Tucci.

Lastly, could you tell us of something outside of music that’s been inspiring you lately? It could be a place, a book, a restaurant, a recipe or anything else that influences your life.

As I was telling you, a few years ago, I have moved to the interior of Valencia in an area with a lot of nature, rivers, and paths for hiking; I am discovering other types of nature since coming from Napoli or Ibiza; I have almost always lived near the sea. And I’m enjoying this stage; the food here is also exciting; I like the Valencian paella and the rice.

So now I let myself be carried away by my environment, and knowing myself, I know that I will get tired and one day I will change. In the 23 years, I left Italy to go to Ibiza, I have changed cities several times, such as Madrid, Barcelona, and now Valencia. But the base is always Ibiza, and I know I will return there one day to enjoy it differently.

Tuccillo's 'The Waves' EP is available now via Kaoz Theory.

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