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Interview: Lucas Alexander debuts on Richy Ahmed's Four Thirty Two

Updated: May 27, 2022

Having started 2022 with his ‘La Di Da’ release on Moxy Muzik, UK artist Lucas Alexander continues a milestone year with a debut on Richy Ahmed’s Four Thirty Two imprint. Released last Friday, Lucas’ ‘FM Dial EP’ takes influence from his UKG roots and features a remix from London icon, Seb Zito.

We caught up with Lucas for an exclusive interview to find out more about the EP and what he’s been up to this year:

Hello Lucas! A pleasure to have you with us today. How are you doing and what are you up to at the moment?

Hi thanks for having me. I’m sat in the studio and about to start making my best song ever haha.

2022 is proving to be quite the year for you! Kickstarting in February with your ‘La Di Da’ release on Darius Syrossian’s Moxy Muzik, and you have now just debuted on Richy Ahmed’s Four Thirty Two imprint! Congrats! What can you tell us about the ‘FM Dial’ EP?

Thank you, we are off to a wicked start! This EP in my opinion is some of my best work. I managed to capture a lot of my musical influences and present them in my own way on each track.

Adding further weight to the EP, UK icon Seb Zito lays down a hefty remix of the title track... What was your reaction when you heard his take and how’s it feel to have him remix your track?

It feels amazing as Seb is one of my favourite artists in the scene. I couldn’t have a Londoner talking about pirate radio on a track and not have Seb on the remix, it just makes sense. It’s stripped back, dark and has garage flavour, I couldn’t ask for more, absolutely love it! Still blows my mind when I think about it.

Four Thirty Two is a label that’s been gaining serious momentum over recent years with standout release after standout release and your FM Dial EP certainly keeps this trend going. How did the EP first find its home on the label and how’s it feel to be part of its growing discography?

It’s so good to be part of such a solid label. Richy has been playing my edits and original tracks in his sets since 2015! This EP has been a long time coming, but we always said we’d wait for the perfect tracks and get them out at the right time. FM Dial has been getting the biggest reaction in his sets each time “That’s why I had to sign it” he told me haha. After the lead track was locked in, I wanted two more straight up house tracks with that UKG flavour. ‘Itchy Feet’ and ‘Move It’ fitted perfectly and I’m so happy Richy agreed.

We’ve seen some clips of you at work in the studio and you come across as a very hands-on producer, would you agree with that? And could you run us through the general creative process on this EP?

Yes definitely, the studio is my second home and if I’m not eating or DJing that’s where you’ll find me haha. I love creating and although it can be frustrating at times, when you get the results it makes all those days, weeks, months and even years worthwhile. My process is pretty simple each time, keep showing up, make whatever sounds good that day and don’t overthink it.

The third track, ‘Move It’, is a collaboration with Joey Rich and Harrie Summers. How did this collab come about and what was it like working together on ‘Move It’?

We had a wicked time making that haha. It was just before lockdown and we spent about 15 hours straight in the studio. After finishing a more stripped back number, we moved on to ‘Move It’ and the party immediately started! We had the disco lights going, dancing up on the sofa and it all came together pretty quickly. I share a studio with Joey Rich so expect more of the same from us in the future.

Earlier in May, you performed in your hometown of Cardiff for Inside Out Festival, what a feeling that must’ve been! How was it?

Absolutely unbelievable, shivers down the spine and hairs standing up at moments. That’s one of those gigs that I’ll remember forever. I love playing no matter the venue but it’s hard to beat the hometown shows, Wales is just special!

What else is coming up for you gig wise?

I can’t wait to play Joshua Brooks, Manchester again on June 17th, the sound and vibe in that club is next level. I’m headed straight to the airport after that gig, making my debut in Barcelona for Moxy Muzik. I’ve also got another festival and Ibiza lined up, this is shaping up to be a very good year.

Thanks a lot for the chat Lucas! Congrats on the EP and hope to catch up again in the future. To finish off, is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

Thank you, anytime! Just want to say thanks for all the support, it’s appreciated and head over to @djlucasalexander on Instagram for all dates, tracks, mixes and a few vids to brighten up your day :)

Lucas Alexander 'FM Dial EP' is OUT NOW


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