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Interview: In Conversation With Farris Wheel Label Boss Gene Farris

Gene Farris

Get ready to dive deep into the heart of Chicago house music as we sit down with none other than the legendary Gene Farris. With a career spanning over three decades, Gene is a true global ambassador of the genre, having released an impressive seven albums and over two hundred tracks. As the boss of Farris Wheel Recordings, he continues to shape the landscape of electronic music, drawing from the rich heritage of his hometown.

In an exciting reunion, Gene joins forces with fellow Chicagoans, the Basura Boyz, to deliver a brain-frying house cut for Repopulate Mars. This collaboration promises to be nothing short of electrifying, with fizzing synths and heavy low-end aimed squarely at igniting dance floors worldwide. Download/Stream it here

Join us as we delve into Gene’s illustrious career, explore his latest musical endeavours, and uncover the magic behind his timeless sound. Get ready for an insightful journey into the world of Chicago House with one of its most esteemed pioneers. Let’s dive in!

Thanks for joining us today, Gene. Where are you writing to us from, and what have you been up to over the last few weeks?

Hey guys, thanks for having me. Currently, I’m in Chicago; the last couple of weeks have been busy in the best way. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve had incredible shows in Tampa, LA, Milwaukee, Toronto, Brooklyn, Orlando and Texas for SXSW. 

Tell us about your journey into music and what led you to this point. 

My journey has been kinda cool, to be honest. I’ve been DJing for 40 years next year, and I’ve been producing tracks for more than 30 years. So, to still be relevant and current is an absolute blessing and a pleasure.

How do you effectively promote yourself as an artist? 

The key, I think, is actually having viable content, and then promotion isn’t a chore. It’s actually fun, then, because you’re genuinely excited to let people know the cool stuff you’ve got going on.

Tell us about your latest release, ‘Mentally In Miami’, on Repopulate Mars. 

I’m super excited about my release and return to repopulate Mars. This song is guaranteed to be one of the biggest releases of the year, and I’m so happy to have done this with my brothers - the Basura Boyz. I’ve gotten nothing but amazing responses. Every single time I play this record, this record is for everyone, the big boys and the up and comers. It’s all about getting ready for Miami Music Week. I’m already mentally in Miami.

What has the feedback been like from your latest release? 

The feedback I’ve gotten for this release has been nothing short of amazing. I’ve only heard one person say, or should I say, I’ve never even heard them say it; I saw them in a review say that it wasn’t for them, but honestly, I know that wasn’t personal, lol. Other than that, it’s been 99.9% positive responses and reviews from the biggest DJs in the world and producers with so much respect. Thank you.

How do you take care of your mental health?

Mental health is absolutely essential. I take care of my mental health in a few different ways: firstly, yoga; secondly, I know how to unplug from the scene and just do normal stuff. I golf, I swim, I do yoga, I do tactical firearms training, and I also spend time with my children, which gives me a huge sense of normalcy, which I think is absolutely important for mental health. One of the biggest keys is to be able to unplug and just do something normal and be a normal person from the scene.

Talk us through your creative process. 

My creative process for making music is quite simple, actually. I come up with an idea, or if an idea strikes me, I go right to my computer and my keyboard and start building it out, note by note, idea by idea, meticulously, and I don’t try to force it. I am a very patient worker; some call it slow, lol, but I’m very meticulous when making music. The most important thing is to be happy with what you’re doing. Don’t feel pressured, and don’t have expectations of what’s going to happen to your music after it’s out.

What advice do you have for other artists? 

When you’re inspired to cook, don’t force it.

What is your biggest goal this year, and how close are you to achieving it? 

My biggest goal this year was to put out strong music every month and to put out the strongest album I have ever had in my career. My new album is coming out May 31 and I think I achieved my goal.

Lastly, what can we expect from you in the future? 

First, my new album, Euphoria. I’m super excited about that, as well as a lot of shows and really cool music. All year long.

Gene Farris


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