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Interview: Basque beatmaker Adrian Alegra reveals first single from debut album

Adrian Alegria releases "PLAY THE KEY", his first LP on Xarma Music, which will be released in November 2023. The first single "Morning Lights" is one of 11 tracks that make up this debut album from Adrian.

"Morning Lights" is the title of the first single from the next LP of the Basque-Navarrese producer and DJ, Adrian Alegria, which will be released on Xarma Music label next November. "Morning Lights" is a Deep House song with a two-sided vocal game and a very funky groove, to show the intentions of this album that looks to the dancefloor with care, but also without complexity. The first single has had early support from Artslaves, Joseph Capriati, Shiba San, Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Graziano Raffa, Acid Pauli, PIEM, De La Swing, Chris Lake and many more. We had the opportunity to speak with Adrian and find out more about the upcoming album and what life is like for the Basque artist. Hey Adrian, thanks for taking the time to talk with us here at UNDRTONE London, your new single ‘Morning Lights’ is out now on Xarma Music; for those of our readers who may not know much about you, can you tell us a little bit about yourself.

For those who don't know me, I am a Spanish composer and DJ with a clear tendency towards House, with arrangements influenced by genres such as Soul, Funk, Afro or Jazz, among others. All of this allows me to experiment constantly in the process of creation without limitations by labels or musical trends.

Could you tell us a little about ‘Morning Lights, what was the process and inspiration when making it?

Morning Lights is without a doubt one of my favourite tracks from my next album and It offers a taste of what to expect from the album. It perfectly combines several of my favourite styles such as Funk, Disco or Soul and navigates between Deep and House music. No doubt what made the track go to the next level is the dual vocal game.

What were your earliest memories of dance music and what inspired you to start making music?

I come from a classical musical upbringing, playing the piano; and when I discovered dance music I embarked on the most beautiful path of my life. It all started with my father's cassettes of Kraftwerk or Jean-Michel Jarre. Soon I started to learn how to mix music and then composition in production software.

Are there any artists right now that we should be looking out for?

Among the artists I like the most at the moment are Daniel Lera and his other formation, Fourth Phase, who are doing wonders with sounds between House and Tech and who are receiving very important support. On the other hand, I should also mention Buenobueno Discos, a label that PIEK and Rapha Mundi have just launched and that is making massive hits with their releases.

You live in Pamplona. Could you share a little bit about your hometown and what it’s like to live there?

Pamplona is known for having the best festivities in the world, as are the San Fermines. But apart from that, it is one of those small cities in which almost everyone knows everyone else, without stress and full of culture and activities. Very happy to be Pamplonica.

Any special announcements or news you can share with us ;)

For the moment, what I can tell you is that the second single from the album will be released at the end of August and that we will see a few more until the full album is released in November. Also, after the album, there will be remixes with very interesting artists like Garcynoise or Discodelia among others.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us Adrian and we look forward to the album.

Thanks, guys :) Adrian Alegria 'Morning Lights' is out now on Xarma Music here. Connect with Adrian Alegria:


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