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Hot Picks: Irish Talent Ethos Delivers a Techno Masterclass


Multiple decades of fascination with electronic music have led Ethos to this stage of his life, drawing early influences from the likes of Kraftwerk and The Prodigy, recording tapes at a young age and listening to them repeatedly. This organic curiosity for music led him to 20 years worth of travel, working in clubs, and exploring different scenes and cultures before heading to Dublin, where he would learn to DJ and then begin to produce in 2022 with Elevator, bringing us right up to his first outing as a producer.

Hot off the heels of his dynamite release on Hybrasil's Elevator Program "Devils Paradise," Irish producer Ethos joins us for the latest Hot Picks. A run through some of his favourite tracks of recent times. His EP entered the charts at number 4 and reached number 1 in Techno Raw Deep Hypnotic new releases on its second day:

Fabio Florido - Roots - RUNA018

Another sonic classic from Fabio Florido on his split EP Roots with NKX on his RUNA label, sending out the right energy and frequencies with this timeless piece. One of my favourite labels and producers. Warm dub stabs, great vocals and Fabio Florido's signature all over this track. Exciting label and concept here for the right reasons.

Hybrasil - Celestial Sphere - Luchtaine EP -We Are The Brave

Hybrasil going from strength to strength, delivers yet again with some special tracks for his Luchtaine EP on We Are The Brave Label. My pick and favourite is Celestial Sphere. Another timeless track with a raw and hypnotic celestial groove and synth line to take you on a journey.

Pyramidal Decode - Circular Movement - Mnestic Records - MNSC005

Exciting Italian producer Pyramidal Decode who has graced Jeff Mills Axis Records, Warm Up Recordings and many other great labels to date, delivers with his Circular Movement EP on Mnestic Label. Circular Movement is a rolling and evolving techno track with otherworldly sounds and constantly moving elements.

Isabel Soto - Nueva Era - NYXII

Isabel Soto is rising fast and strong with her hypnotic and evolving signature. Nueva Era translates to New era in English . An indication of the intention of NYXII Labels' first EP release. A split EP release with Isabel Soto and MPHS. Nueva Era gets my pick. A true classic hypnotic journey. Eyes closed while dancing.

Kastil - Quadrature - Perseverance EP WU84d

Kastil has delivered something very special to Warm Up Recordings with his 8-track Perseverance EP. This was difficult to decide which track I would select from a great release. In the end, my personal choice was Quadrature. Timeless, distorted, groovy - the list goes on. I hope you enjoy my track selection as much as I did!

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