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Hot Picks: Emerging UK talent CHANNE shares some peak-time bangers

CHANNE broke onto Toolroom’s Radar in 2022 when she won their Academy Scholarship with PIPES for their remix of Ben Remember’s Track’ Break Through’. Her sound encompasses hooky riffs and melodies with her passion for old-school house and driving tech. She has laid down roots across the House genre, supporting some big names in the industry at events such as IN SESSION (K Klass, Jon DaSilva), Southport Disco Festival (Graeme Park, Lisa Millett), and Sonrisa (Paul Bleasdale). CHANNE’s Radio Show ‘Let’s Get Techy’ is the first Wednesday of every month at 18:00 on Data Transmission Radio after Vintage Culture’s Show.

CHANNE’s latest release is on the mighty Toolroom Records as part of their latest “Leaders of the New School” compilation. You can check it out here:

In honour of “Jump & Twist”, we’re delighted to welcome CHANNE with her very own Hot Picks selection:

“The first four tracks were influential in the making of my latest track ‘Jump & Twist’. Tribal flavours and hooky vocals with big energy. The last five tracks are tracks that have been influential in my music journey over the years.” - CHANNE.

HÄWK & Twolate - Dimini

I love the energy of this track. The vocals are incredible, and I find this in all my sets right now. It’s a great mood lifter, and how can you not dance to this!

Basement Jaxx - Jump & Shout

This track just makes the room bounce. Love the vocals, the big horn and the overall vibe of this track. The build-ups are massive and hit so hard. Loads of Ibiza memories with this one.

Crusy - Selecta

As soon as I heard this song, I absolutely loved it. The drums are great, and the vocal hook is so catchy. Crusy really nailed it with this one.

Twolate - Baila

The tirbal style drums on this track are so good, and the vocal again is super catchy. It’s another track I always come back and listen to.

Solardo & Maur - Power

Switching things up now as this one reflects more on my first release, ‘Ecstasy & Love,’ and is still one of my favourite tunes. I love this track; it hits you in the feels and keeps you interested the whole way. And who doesn’t love a piano breakdown with that special sprinkling of the famous Maur’ Arp’.

Purple Disco Machine - Body Funk

Throwing a Disco Bomb in the mix here! This track instantly transforms me back into the Wild Corner at Hi in Ibiza with Paul Reynolds about 4 hours into his mammoth 7-hour sets. The whole room was completely invested in the music, and it was absolutely bouncing in there! It’s also one of the first songs I played at one of my first proper DJ gigs, and people kept coming up to me for weeks after saying ‘what’s that track that goes like 1,2 1,2 1,2 … 3,4’

Bicep - Glue

Changing things up now. I couldn’t pick my favourite songs and influential tracks without including this one. This track just massively hits you in the feels. It brings back so many memories from so many different things. I think Bicep are absolute geniuses for this. Such a masterpiece.

Faithless - Insomnia

Going back to childhood influence with the next few now. It’s a track I have played literally thousands of times and am still not bored with! This absolute classic is one of the reasons I got into making electronic music. The soundtrack in my first car when I passed my driving test, this CD was on repeat every single day. The eerie backing music, the vocals, the massive lead - I just love it!

Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy

An absolute masterpiece of a song. Again, a huge part of my teenage years and all the memories associated with them. Another CD on repeat in my first car. This track brings so much emotion and is definitely a track that’s been a huge part of my life.



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