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Hot Picks: Ece Ekren shares her favourite cuts

Ece Ekren is a producer, singer and songwriter originally from Istanbul and now residing in Berlin. Her rise has been meteoric over the past few years, and with good reason - her feel for melding esoteric melodies and instrumentation to house and techno grooves has seen her win many fans.

With her latest single I Feel You out now on Zatar Music, we asked Ece for her Hot Picks.

Andy Moor & Adam White - The Whiteroom (feat. Whiteroom [Marsh Extended Mix]) [Anjunadeep]

This track stands out for its unique sound, which combines two different elements. On one hand, we can hear an old-school classic bassline that adds a touch of nostalgia. On the other hand, there are melodic techno elements that contribute to a perfect groove.

The combination of these elements creates a captivating and energetic atmosphere that is sure to get people moving on the dance floor. The seamless blend of the old and the new gives this track a timeless quality, making it enjoyable for both fans of classic techno and those who appreciate more modern sounds.

Antrim & Paula Os - You're Not Alone [Or Two Strangers]

When I first listened to the original track 'You're Not Alone' by Olive as a child, I was captivated by the beautiful vocals and lyrics. Now, I am truly impressed by the cover version of 'You're Not Alone' with its electronic scene and energetic grooves.

The cover version adds a modern twist to the original song, giving it a fresh and contemporary feel. The incorporation of electronic elements and energetic grooves brings a new level of excitement to the track, making it captivating for both long-time fans and new listeners alike.

Djuma Soundsystem - Les Djinns (Trentemoller Remix)

Djuma Soundsystem's beats and melodies, combined with Trentemoller's magical touch as a remix, have made this song timeless and a masterpiece. This song constantly inspires me when I start producing music. It is filled with layers and surprises. It starts off chill in the beginning and gradually becomes incredibly exciting and vibrant. By the end, you feel like you are in a different dimension.

Doanro, Lonner (UA) - Kupala [Diynamic]

I'm really into inspiring songs that have unexplainable dimensions. This song starts with a breakbeat and the addition of ethnic vocals makes it unforgettable. After the ethnic vocal part, there is an intense electronic section with synths. When I play this song, the crowd gets so excited and amazed by the harmonious blend of different elements.

Tone Depth - Free (HOSH Edit) (feat. Johannes Brecht, Fetsum)

A speech opened my vision and the harmony between speech and music touched my heart, giving me butterflies in my stomach. Lyrics teach us many unique ways of thinking about life, and it is important to embrace them. If we love ourselves and follow our instincts, we can experience the freedom that this track embodies.

Andain - Beautiful Things (Gabriel & Dresden Unplugged Mix)

I remember the times when I listened to this song live in concert. When I was in high school, I learned about trance elements and trance angelic voices from this song.

Now, it still serves as inspiration for creating new music and giving me a musical perspective.

Eric Prydz VS Pink Floyd - Proper Education

This song will never get old because it offers a fresh perspective on vocals and electronic bass. The disco synths and unique sound add to its distinctiveness. Additionally, the bass line, pads, and vocals blend together seamlessly.

LONI - Loneliness

The song features a sexy angelic voice and an amazing drop that gets the crowd dancing. The combination of the chill vocals and hard beats is perfectly executed, giving you a goosebumps-inducing experience. The mixing is clear, making every element stand out.

This song has a mesmerizing melody that captivates the listener from the very beginning. The vocals are beautifully smooth, blending seamlessly with the energetic beats. The mixing is expertly done, resulting in a crystal-clear sound that enhances the overall experience.

Arkaene - Chronicle [Awen Tales]

When I listen to this song, I still get excited and the crowd goes crazy, especially during the build-up from the breakdown to the drop. I enjoy a hard and strong kick with techno grooves accompanied by deep vocals.

Michael Hooker & HoodyHoo - Sirens Call (Original Mix)

This song gradually builds up excitement. We don't expect the beautiful, cinematic, angelic voice that will come and captivate us. The great build up, combined with sirens contrasting with the angelic voices, creates an astral journey.

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