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GRLSKOUT talks music production, DJing for sharks and her new sound for 2024

Updated: Feb 25

Can you share a memorable experience or gig you've had while performing as a DJ?

I got to DJ on top of a yacht in Tahiti in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with 6 other yachts in a circle formation during sunset. I was playing Rufus Du Sol while watching sharks and stingrays swim to the center of the yacht formation and people jumping in to swim with them. They can apparently hear the music and frequencies and it attracted them. It was so beautiful to watch I honestly had tears. I also DJed a private event at Michael Jacksons Neverland Ranch which was a very memorable experience.

How do you stay updated on the latest music trends and discoveries in your genre?

I like to dedicate 2 days a month where I deep dive on Beatport, and other record pools that I am apart of. I also listen to different playlists on Spotify while I workout or go for a run and when I come across a track I really like, I then screenshot it. It’s a nice way to multitask and get a workout in by being productive and finding new music at the same time.

What are some of your favorite plugins or soft synths, and why?

Oh this is a hard one. To be honest I have many favorites for different purposes. My favorite soft synths are definitely Diva & Serum and I also love all the Arturia stuff. I use the Fabfilter ProQ a lot. For reverb I like Toraverb & Valhalla Shimmer is one of my favorites. I really like Thermal for saturation and Portal for happy accidents, both great plugins by Output.

What was your first experience with music production, and how did it shape your journey?

I got ableton when I was 22 years old and just started making remixes and one thing led to another and got to do my first official remix for Christina Aguilera. It’s so funny to look back at stuff you produced when you first started haha.

Can you give anyone just starting out any tips of music production?

Honestly YouTube is free school. That is how I learned how to produce. I would binge watch 100’s of tutorials and masterclasses for years until it clicked. I would say consistency is key. It is super important to put in a few hours a day every single day. Even if you have creative blocks still go in the studio and make music. Not every track is gonna be great. This will keep your flow and you will get faster and better at writing. Also try new techniques and don’t get stuck on old ones. Pick up a new instrument and just go for it!

Can you walk us through your typical creative process when starting a new project?

I am super organized in my studio and have all my samples organized by color, name, and genres and have everything at my disposal and made custom templates which helps tremendously. In sessions I immediately name each track and color it. As for process I usually start with a kick & baseline but sometimes with a vocal idea that I sang on my iPhone and work around it. Honestly I like to switch it up and not just have one system.

How do you handle creative blocks, and are there specific strategies you find effective in reigniting inspiration?

I think it’s very important to have a balanced life, eat healthy and exercise regularly. I personally am a morning person and wake up super early and start my day off boxing. It helps me clear my head first thing. Then I come home have a shower and start making music. If throughout the day I am stuck creatively I will go for a walk in nature because that always refreshes me or I set a timer and write in a journal.

Did you have a good 2023 and what are you most excited about in 2024?

I had an incredible year and so grateful to be doing what I love! I feel like I really re-found my sound in 2023 and excited to really make it come to life in 2024. I feel really good about it. I also will be doing a lot of great collabs and have a secret project in the pipeline that I have been also working on. Just really inspired and excited to share all this new music with the world that I have been working on.



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