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Label Lounge: a Journey Into the Heart of Reelow and His Sought-after Reecords Imprint


In the global underground scene, Hungarian maestro Reelow stands as a luminary, weaving intricate melodies and pulsating beats that captivate audiences around the globe. The Barcelona-based artist's decade-long prominence, including a longstanding residency with the iconic Solid Grooves, has solidified his position as a revered figure in the scene, while his label, Reecords, serves as a testament to his boundless creativity and unwavering passion for the craft. Much of that can be seen in his latest release, an undeniably masterful body of work spanning sixteen tracks that make up his 'Reeborn' EP, available for download HERE.

We recently caught up with Reelow, and he offered a glimpse into the origins of Reecords and the vision driving its evolution. "The name made a lot of sense to me," he shares. "I always believed one day I would have my own label with my own vision." Rejecting the constraints of conformity, Reecords serves as a sanctuary for artists seeking to express themselves freely, unbound by genre or convention.

The label's roster boasts a diverse array of talent, including names like Fleur Shore, De La Swing, and Rendher. Looking ahead, Reelow expresses excitement for future collaborations with artists such as EVIE, Goosey, and Jamie Fielding, signalling a bold new chapter for Reecords.

When it comes to curating releases for the label, Reelow emphasises a commitment to timelessness. "I thought I want to put out the music that has the power to be timeless," he reflects. This dedication to sonic exploration has yielded unforgettable releases, with tracks like "I'm a Soul" marking pivotal moments in the label's journey.

Among the label's catalogue, one track holds a special place in Reelow's heart - SLUGG's "Ex Bitch." "That track is the sexiest one we've ever put out," he asserts. Drawing inspiration from labels like Solid Grooves and Desolat, Reelow acknowledges the wealth of talent present in the industry and expresses admiration for their contributions to the electronic music landscape.

As a label boss, Reelow extols the virtues of organisation and vision. "It's not an easy thing to do without a proper team, which finally I have," he acknowledges. To aspiring label bosses and artists alike, he offers sage advice: "Don't only go for the big artists. Try to build the future."

Looking to the future, Reelow hints at a plethora of forthcoming releases across both Reecords and its sub-label, Reecords Sub Series. "A lot of music," he teases. "Stay tuned!"

In the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music, Reelow and Reecords stand as beacons of innovation and creativity, guiding listeners on a sonic voyage filled with rhythm, melody, and boundless possibility. As the journey unfolds, one thing remains certain - the beat goes on.




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