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Future Self "Hold On" on Self Control Records

Record Sounds Like: Strong vocals and emotional pads over techy stabs and rolling drums.

Self Control present Future Self's latest - "Hold On". Featuring a remix from Sam T Harper and Future Self's original cut, each offering a unique emotional House push with a summery edge.

"Hold On" pairs vocal work plucked straight out of the golden age of Trance with emotional pad work that lifts the original into the higher echelons of emotive House music released this year. This record is pulling you into a late night sequence of techy beats, rolling drums and a dreamy peak. Both poignant and energizing.

For the remix Sam T Harper adds new groove, with a rhythmic complexity we come to expect from him, complementing the original while standing out - this one is definitely for the heads.

"Hold On" showcases Future Self's ability to blend a heartfelt musicality with darkroom beats, add to that the remixes evolving sequenced textures and you have a record that echoes with timelessness - available on Thursday, June 20, 2024.


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