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French producer Moonee drops first single ‘Ouzo’ from debut album ‘Sandquest’

Rising French producer and DJ Moonee has announced details of his new album and released the first single from it with a track called ‘Ouzo’

Set for release via Oath Records on March 15th, the full album titled ‘Sandquest’ provides the next step in the journey for Moonee. The record is encapsulated in the fundamentals of house, but to say that it sticks to a singular formula would be doing it a massive disservice - Moonee leaves nothing unturned when it comes to delivering a well balanced, forward thinking body of work. 

'Ouzo' sets the tone for the album, with its expansive broken drum beats creating ample space for captivating melodic lines to weave in and out of focus. Delicately balanced, abundant, and impactful, it embodies everything the listener could desire from an opening track.

Further singles from the LP are still yet to be teased... stay tuned for updates.

About The Artist

Francois Lefevre, the producer behind the Moonee moniker - alongside his group projects Twice Movement and Simple Request (with French House royalty Tour-Maubourg) - really optimizes all that is bold and beautiful about the house genre. Also heading up his own label Groovence Discs, his sound is one of tremendous melodic feel, with a plethora of rhythmic patterns and atmospheres being utilised to help create a bountiful sonic universe. His attention to how the groove unravels and how progression can be used softly but subtly really comes over strong, immersing the listener in a very warm place indeed. 


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