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Fordal Returns to Forensic Records Alongside The Wash on Remix Duties for 'The Calling'


After one of Forensic Records’ biggest tracks of the summer, label boss Fordal is back with another sublime vocal heater. You can grab a copy of the release HERE.

‘The Calling’ consists of a subby progressive groove underneath layers of grinding bass stabs and a heartbeat of pulsing synths. Crispy hats and tops dance around the topline as arpeggiated plucks and sweeping chords weave in and out of grooving mid-range. The centrepiece is the haunting vocal, half-whispering its way through the tight building mid-section until a climactic finish on the break where the track pauses for breath before menacing synth lines call on a drop of raw bass and drums.

In contrast to the stripped-back original, Austrian progressive house technician The Wash provides an epic journey with a multi-layered composition of synthesised sequences. A sublime tribal groove provides the foundation for the scattered percussion and shakers, with a midrange packed full of harmonic magic. The track climaxes with a massive build-up of airy synth stabs in the drop then kicks in with a chord change that will blow you away!

Fordal (Les Dales) is a music producer who has been passionate about music since childhood, thanks to his saxophonist father, who played at Jazz clubs with legends like Jimmy Hendrix. He was born in the North East, an area with a rich history in dance music. His love for counterculture music began when he watched Andrew Weatherall play techno at the legendary London club Turnmills.

In 1998, Fordal opened the famous Binary Records shop, a paradise for music collectors. However, it closed down in 2001 due to the digital piracy era. Nevertheless, this experience allowed Fordal to gain exposure and play at some of the most prestigious venues worldwide, such as The Arena, Purple Onion, The Cornerhouse, and the globally-renowned institution of London's Ministry of Sound.

Since 2022, Fordal has doubled down on his passion for electronic music, releasing a spate of increasingly impressive productions on Forensic Records, which he co-owns with renowned Progressive House stalwart Lexicon Avenue.

The Wash

Starting in 2005 as a Tech/Trance project, The Wash developed a unique melange of hypnotic grooves, techy beats and spheric melodies. At first, only a DJ, the Austrian artist took the challenge in 2016 to also establish his stage name as a producer.

With productions for Mango Alley and YOMO, remixes for the likes of Quivver and Kamilo Sanclemente and the backing of his home bases Progressive World and ATELIER, The Wash is constantly building his reputation as one of the leading forces in the Austrian Progressive scene.

Fordal - The Calling (incl. The Wash Remix) is available to buy/stream via Forensic Records. You can grab your copy HERE.

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