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Exploring Uk Electronic Talent LEGATO's New Sound Ahead of Upcoming EP

Updated: May 21


As the rhythmic hum of the UK’s underground house scene continues to evolve, James Stanley, better known as LEGATO, returns in 2024 with a fresh sound and a refreshing new single, “Either Way.” This track marks the beginning of a transformative journey for the artist, setting the stage for his forthcoming EP, “Midnight Rendezvous,” later this year. Download/stream "Either Way" here from 24th May:

Since his debut in 2019, LEGATO has established himself as a distinctive voice within the house music community, boasting releases on renowned labels such as Eton Messy, Nightcolours, Anjunadeep, and All Day I Dream. These contributions have not only amassed over six million streams but have also seen him frequently perched at the top of Beatport’s Melodic and Organic House charts. With a new partnership with LabelWorx and a rejuvenated team, LEGATO is poised to redefine his sound and career trajectory.

“Either Way” embodies the essence of LEGATO’s artistic evolution. While it retains the ethereal melodies and evocative tones that fans have come to adore, it ventures into new sonic territories with its punchy beats, groove-laden basslines, and deeply passionate vocals. It’s a track designed to resonate equally on the dance floor and in more intimate listening settings, a testament to his broadened musical vision.

Reflecting on this new chapter, LEGATO shared, “My sound’s naturally shifting into something more raw and expressive, but still connected to what I’ve released before and centred around emotion.” This evolution is partly inspired by a personal challenge – the partial loss of his hearing. This adversity has driven him to rethink his approach to music, resulting in a burst of creativity and a deeper emotional resonance in his work. “I’ve been thinking about music differently recently since losing some of my hearing, drawing influence from new places and feeling hyper-creative and productive in the process,” he explained.

Moving away from the long, progressive builds that characterised his earlier tracks, LEGATO’s recent creations embrace a more concise and impactful structure. He mentioned, “My music’s started to shift into shorter form. I’m naturally moving away from longer progressive tracks with big builds and breakdowns into music with structure that’s more succinct and precise. The message still remains the same , though; I aim to evoke a powerful emotional response.”


His storied past with labels like Anjunadeep and All Day I Dream holds a special place in his heart. “Collaborating with James Grant and Jody Wisternoff on ‘Petals’ was a big moment for sure, and seeing videos of them play it out at Anjuna shows across the world has been amazing,” he reminisced. He also highlighted his experiences with All Day I Dream: “Playing my tracks I’ve released on the label at those shows, particularly in Ibiza as part of their residency at Cova Santa, has been a massive highlight!”

LEGATO’s creative process is as dynamic as his soundscapes. “I’m a big fan of sampling and re-sampling. More often than not, I start a track by finding an interesting harmonic layered sample, which I then adapt and build the rest of the track around,” he revealed. This method allows him to craft deeply atmospheric tracks that resonate emotionally. He added, “Chords usually come next, and I’ll find a progression that fits with the right synth or instrumental sound. Various other melodic parts then form, usually synth lines, strings and/or samples, then maybe a vocal. It’s usually drums that are the last part of the song process!”

LEGATO’s broad listening palette keeps his creative juices flowing in an ever-evolving electronic music landscape. He draws inspiration from a wide array of music, old and new, which helps him push the boundaries of Melodic and Organic House without being confined by them. “Keeping my listening palette broad helps the creative process and encourages me to make the music I want to. I love discovering old music I haven’t heard before just as much as I do new,” he said. “While it’s undoubtedly the scene I’ve come from, I’m not pigeonholing myself into melodic or organic house anymore, just going wherever my sound is evolving into.”

Despite his rising profile, LEGATO remains grounded, cherishing the personal connections his music fosters. “I’ve had so many messages over the years from people all over the world telling me how much they love what I do, and some have even said how it’s helped them through hard times, which is always so great to hear and hits me hard that my music has connected with them in that way,” he shared. “It also never gets old when someone comes up to you at a gig and shares their love for your music. I still consider myself a small artist, so that’s always dead nice.”

Looking ahead to “Midnight Rendezvous,” fans can expect a rich tapestry of sounds, including unconventional instruments like violin, mandolin, and marimba, showcasing his penchant for blending traditional and electronic elements. “I play around a lot with real instrument sounds and samples as well as synths. I also play and record guitar and piano,” he noted. “Across the EP, you should be able to pick out instruments like violin, viola, cello, mandolin, piano, marimba, and kalimba! There’s definitely more… but those are the ones that spring to mind.”


Self-releasing “Either Way” has been a revelatory experience for LEGATO, offering him unparalleled creative freedom. Supported by LabelWorx, he’s crafted a bespoke approach to his music career, aligning perfectly with his vision for the future. “Me and my manager Tom have been able to craft exactly the team we want around the project and we’ve had total creative freedom to put the new EP campaign together how we want,” he explained. “The traditional record label setup works for a lot of artists, but the independent, tailored approach really feels like it fits for me.”

A pivotal moment in his artistic journey was the transition from Reason to Ableton, which unlocked new creative possibilities and rejuvenated his production process. “Up until about a year ago, I was an avid Reason user. I still have so much love for that software , and it taught me all I know about production,” he shared. “I got Ableton, and it’s opened up Pandora’s box, and I still feel I’m only scratching the surface of what I can do with it.”

LEGATO’s advice goes beyond the usual platitudes for aspiring producers: “Always make the music you want to make, you will find your lane. Community is important too; connect with other artists and people in the scene doing it for the love, not just labels and industry. Go to as many gigs as you can and get inspired!”

As we await more details on “Midnight Rendezvous,” it’s clear that LEGATO is not just back – he’s reinvented, ready to leave an indelible mark on the house music landscape.


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LEGATO "Either Way" Artwork


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