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Djebali Debuts on Joey Daniel's SiO Records With "Groundhog Day" EP

Having emerged from Paris’ house scene in the 2000s, backed by city icons such as Terrence:Terry:, Mehdi Djebali has grown to become one of France’s finest house music exports within the modern electronic landscape. Whether collaborating with artists such as Guti or Chris Stussy, remixing artists such as Chez Damier and Enzo Siragusa, or releasing music on labels including Freak N Chic through to PIV, his growing catalogue showcases his evolution as an artist continually pushing his sound forward while retaining those signature cues and touches that ensure you know it’s a Djebali production. Adding a new label to that list, mid-November welcomes a visit to Joey Daniel’s SiO Records, uncovering four fresh productions across ‘Groundhog Day’. Pre-order/save here:

Title track ‘Groundhog Day’ opens proceedings in silky fashion, with slinking percussion shifting around hazy chords, dubbed-out vocals and snaking grooves, while ‘Those Late Nights’ lays the focus on a bubbling and commanding bassline at the heart of the track accented by sweeping pads and tight drum shots. Next, ‘Can’t Stop Won’t Stop’ is a vibrant and groove-heavy effort merging rolling drum arrangements with a hypnotic lead for an anthem made for the terrace, before rounding things out with the wonky, paired-back sonics of ‘Right To Real’.

Djebali ‘Groundhog Day’ EP drops via SiO Records on 17th November 2023.


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