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Dec Duffy - G&T / Viper EP (Moxy Musik)

Darius Syrossian shows his knack for fine A&R again here as he signs up top new name Dec Duffy to his Moxy Music label.

G&T is first up and is a raw percussive and garage tinged house workout with plenty of smart filters and well used samples next to muted melodies. Bebbington Rd is a slammer with lapped drums and a fantastic bassline that never lets up down low. The reverberating vocals will get the crowd amped up and leave an indelible mark. Bout Now has old school gun finger feels to it with the big hits and scraping low ends all bouncing along nicely. Viper closes out the EP with another sick garage-house groove that is full flavour and expertly designed from Duffy.

On this evidence, Dec Duffy is going to have a huge 2023.


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