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CREB ds "Winter" on Nesh Recordings

Record Sounds Like: Techno / Peak Time Techno

"Winter" is an ice-cold techno track that captures the frosty atmosphere of the season in electronic form. The brutal kick and driving bassline form the foundation, while slightly scratched tops and snare give the track a rough, edgy feel. A dreamy vocal floats above the hypnotic beats and lends the whole thing a melancholy note. "Winter" is a musical journey that captures the beauty and coldness of the season, from dreamy moments to intense rhythmic phases that get listeners moving. A techno experience that brings the frosty magic of winter to the dance floor.

Artist Quote - "We started producing the track when it first got a bit colder at the end of 2023 and are looking forward to releasing it in winter 23/24. The track is intended to show how gentle and beautiful, but also how brutal and icy it often is in the cold half of the year."


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