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Christopher Ledger releases five rough and ready club tracks for his ‘Talk Up Straight’ EP

Download Press Shots here

Download Artwork here

Prolific producer Christopher Ledger unveils his latest musical endeavor with the self-release of a dynamic five-track EP called ‘Talk Up Straight’ out now via his own Hidden Folder imprint.

The release has already had some amazing support from the likes of DeWalta, Harrison BDP, Seb Zito, Mogwaa, DC Salas, Hannah Holland, Enzo Siragusa and more. 

Known for his innovative approach to soundscapes and consistent exploration of genres, Christopher Ledger brings forth a collection of records that pushes boundaries and further cementing his status as one of the best producers out there. Talk Up Straight’ serves up a potent cocktail of raw club tracks, seamlessly blending the roots of traditional house music with the cutting edge of speed garage, breaks, and minimal.

For more information on Christopher Ledger visit: Instagram | Bandcamp | Resident Advisor


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