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Bootleg Contraband release their "Mars Colony" LP on Section Eight Music

Recently released on Section Eight Music this "Mars Colony" album is full of OG style American House music with a classic flair. Bootleg Contraband have been walking around the periphery of the scene for a bit now, releasing low key bangers and some of the more interesting records out there.

Whilst their sound is certainly more electic than most, its all anchored in the genres of House, Electro and even Techno sounds we all know and love.

Record Sounds Like: The record resonates with the raw intensity of Ron Hardy's underground grit fused with the pulsating energy reminiscent of Superchumbo, creating a sonic landscape that delves deep into the realms of hard-hitting electronic bliss.

Innovative Chicago electronic duo Bootleg Contraband finally unleash their second album following their remarkable debut effort 'I/O' back in 2022 - 'Mars Colony,' marks an exciting new chapter for the talented twosome, a stark departure from their previous work with the pair delving into raw and intense sonic landscapes infused with elements of industrial and techno. With a creative process that commenced amidst the tumultuous backdrop of the Ukraine and Gaza conflicts, 'Mars Colony,' was subsequently intertwined with a poignant sense of authenticity, rawness, urgency, and reflection. 'It is a testament to our commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and exploring new territories, both musically and thematically.' Boasting such rich, interwoven, eclectic timbres that culminate so effortlessly, 'Mars Colony,' is an essential listen which will take you on an encompassing journey through various realms which stretch sonic reality.


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