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Aurumm prepares "Verdor" [Play Function Issues]

Emerging from the depths of dub techno and deep atmospheric realms, Aurumm makes a striking statement with the release of "Verdor" under the aegis of Play Function Issues. Scheduled for release on Friday, February 23, 2024, this EP showcases the Colombian producer's ability to fuse vibrant sonic landscapes with a specific concept.

"Verdor" comprises four dubbed & lush tracks, each a look into Aurumm's manipulation of sound and texture. The record sets the tone with its hypnotic space of blended synths and undulating rhythms, drawing the listener into a lush auditory canopy. Delving into the verdant soundscape, with its lush layering and bass lines that resonate with the soul of dub techno.

Aurumm explores the intricacies of electronic music, creating a mesh of sound that is both complex and harmonious. It is the epitome of a soundscape. The synthesis of reverberated atmospheres with tight, pulsating grooves creates tracks that immersive you in the idea he is trying to get across. The essence of the "Verdor" – a journey through sonic forestry, where each track blossoms into an ecosystem of sound, reflecting the vibrant and dynamic nature of the natural world.


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