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Artist Spotlight: Olympe (Tomorrowland, Afterlife)


Italian DJ and producer Olympe has rapidly ascended to fame with mesmerising sets that effortlessly transport listeners to different realms of perception. Drawing inspiration from a blend of Deep Tech, Indie Dance, and Melodic Techno, Olympe's musical journey began at a young age, studying classical piano while exploring various genres. Her encounter with electronic music during her teenage years charmed her, compelling her to delve deeper into its expressiveness and experimental nature, shaping her artistic vision.

In 2018, Olympe debuted as a DJ and swiftly secured residencies at two prominent clubs in Milan. Her prodigious talents transcended borders, capturing audiences worldwide at renowned clubs and festivals, including awe-inspiring performances at Tomorrowland, Awakenings, Afterlife, ZAMNA, and DGTL.

In an exclusive interview, Olympe shared insights into her journey, inspirations, and aspirations, offering a glimpse into her artistic world.

When asked about the origin of her name, Olympe expressed, "I have been entirely in love with Greek mythology, the gods, and their stories since I was tiny, so much so that I studied ancient Greek translation in high school. So, I wanted to find a name that reminded me of Olympus, the place where I have always dreamed of living and that spurs me to look higher and higher every day."

Reflecting on her musical style and inspirations, Olympe revealed, "I play music that gives me goosebumps; I don't follow one genre. I love to unite the world and create an unrepeatable story. Lately, Overmono has been a vital source of inspiration, but like so many others. Only one element of a track can inspire me so that the list could be endless."

Olympe's journey from being a professional tennis player to a renowned DJ and producer is a testament to her unwavering passion for music. "Music has always been my connection to emotions, to the unknown. A private world where I could dream and let go, which I had never thought of sharing," she shared. Recounting her pivotal moment, she added, "One day, I was with a friend of mine, a promoter of a club in Parma, at home in Milan, and we were listening to a deep techno playlist I made, and he was impressed. He offered to pay for some DJ lessons if I played for free in his club during the summer season. I remember my first DJ lesson as if it were yesterday. It's as if I felt that the world finally made sense and that I had found my language."

Olympe's ability to seamlessly navigate different musical brands was evident in her performances at Tomorrowland's Drumcode and Afterlife stages. On this, she remarked, "I like to think of myself as telling stories, each one different from the next, explicitly sewn for that moment but always all sharing a strong sense of energy, hope, and grit. I do not perceive music in genres but in feelings."

Her latest single, 'I Don't Wanna Talk,' released on Tomorrowland's Tomorrowland Music label, marks a significant milestone in her career. When asked about the impact of her association with Tomorrowland, Olympe expressed, "Tomorrowland is giving me so much in terms of creativity and exposure. Every time I play on one of their stages, I can fly freely, allowing me to build a unique relationship with the audience."

Looking ahead, Olympe shared her excitement about her upcoming EP and dream label targets. "I am super excited about my first EP, which will be released on July 19 on Just This, with remixes by Woo York. The track is about a mermaid, a figure that has always fascinated me, and seeing the audience's reaction to this record fills my heart with happiness every time."

Maintaining a balance between her demanding career and personal well-being is crucial for Olympe. She emphasised, "Maintaining a balance is super important for me; you must care equally for the mind and body. I've been doing therapy with my psychologist for a few years, which spurs me to improve and understand myself every time. Then, I love running; it helps me find new energy and release tension."

When asked about her biggest goal this year, Olympe expressed her determination to define and make her sound and performance more unique, affirming that she is on the right track.

Olympe's journey is a testament to her unwavering passion, musical prowess, and dedication to creating unforgettable experiences for her audience. Olympe's artistry and vision promise to captivate and inspire music lovers worldwide as she ascends to greater heights.




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