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ARTBAT join forces with Argy & Zafrir to deliver new single “Tibet" on UPPERGROUND

After the huge collaboration with David Guetta and Idris Elba, ARTBAT and UPPERGROUND welcome Argy and Zafrir to the label, where all together they create the rousing and mystical single ‘Tibet’.

ARTBAT and UPPERGROUND continue to deliver music that fits perfectly for the dance floor and for listening alike. The label has now had several showcases in Tulum, Amsterdam and Barcelona, with a return to Tulum in the works for New Year Eve and further showcases incoming in 2023, it’s clear that ARTBAT and UPPERGROUND are truly resonating with listeners and dancers..

If you cast your mind back to 5 years ago, ARTBAT released ‘Tabu’ on HOSH’s Fryhide, and for the new release the Ukrainian duo collaborate with Argy and Zafrir to create a ‘Tibet’, which flows in a similar aesthetic of driving esoteric grooves.

‘Tibet’ is an authoritative and alluring track with all the power that you would expect ARTBAT and Argy, and when they bring in Zafrir’s unique touch, this becomes a track that will transport you away to far Eastern lands.

Using mystical chants, hypnotic lead arps, this takes you on a journey of introspection where each person will take their own path on the voyage of music that is called Tibet….

Artist(s): ARTBAT, Argy, Zafrir

Title: Tibet


Cat.Number: UPND007

Release Date: 18th November 2022


1) Tibet


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