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Arodes launches his new label UNRELEASED with collab with Andrea Oliva & Moeaike

Arodes, Andrea Oliva and Moeaike make a terrific studio trio and offer up brand new single Stronger than Before. Between them these three have helped shape the underground with their music and DJ sets on the most influential labels and clubs in the scene, and now they do it once more with this highly energetic summer anthem. 

This is a spine tingling single that has soft beats rolling deep and the real star is the lush chord work. It's tender and emotive, with subtle feelings of joy and a hint of melancholy that really sticks long in the mind. 

Expect to hear Stronger than Before all over the world's best dance floor's this summer. 

Artist(s): Arodes, Andrea Oliva, Moeaike 

Title: Stronger than Before 

Record Label: UNRELEASED 

Cat.Number: UR001 

Release Date: 5th April 2024 


1) Stronger than Before 


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