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Afterlife launches sixth Chapter of “Realm Of Consciousness Pt. VI”

The compilation features CamelPhat, Anyma, ANNA, Carlita, Chris Avantgarde, Innellea, Recondite, Kevin de Vries, Fideles, and many many more...

Dare to transcend to another level as we traverse a whole new Realm Of Consciousness with the latest installment of Afterlife’s genre-defining compilation series. An innovative showcase of the label’s output, this comprehensive compilation represents the community-focused ethos of Afterlife and its founders, Tale Of Us. Each new release brings together established names, alongside a range of newcomers, building the label’s core roster and cultivating an eternal legacy. Like previous entries in the series, Part VI is rooted in eclecticism, exploring the needs of emotion through the transmission of sonic expression from a variety of talented artists. Join us, as we ascend to the next Realm Of Consciousness.

Tracklist: 1) Anyma, Chris Avantgarde - Simulation 2) MRAK - Speranza 3) Marino Canal - Independence 4) Massano - A World Beyond 5) 8Kays, braev - Basic 6) CamelPhat, Innellea - Desert Sun 7) Recondite, Monophase (IT) - Elevate 8) Dyzen - Laser Game 9) Cassian - Aran 10) Alfa Romero - Odyssey 11) Kevin de Vries, Lehar - Tokyo Nights 12) Fideles, N1RVAAN - Jai 13) Woo York - What We Are 14) Stylo - Violla 15) David Lindmer - Chronicles 16) Binaryh - Activated 17) Henri Bergmann, Wennink - Here's The Fear 18) Carlita feat. Dom Fricot - Ultra Violet 19) Colyn - Beyond Control 20) Agents Of Time - Inception 21) Mind Against, Vaert - Posterity 22) ANNA - Outside Time 23) Enai - The Gate 24) 19:26, Yubik - Mental Obsession 25) Eynka - First Light 26) Armonica - Sacramento 27) Betical, BOg feat. Tailor - Safe 28) KAS:ST - Breathless 29) Hunter/Game, Øostil, Olympe feat. Luvi - The Dreamers

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