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Adam Sellouk Makes a Strong Comeback to Afterlife with "The Antidote" EP

Adam Sellouk continues to leave a lasting impression on the dance music scene with his unique musical style and strong commitment to his art, captivating audiences globally and setting the stage for a promising future. After remixing, and collaborating with Anyma, Adam Sellouk joins Afterlife with the powerful solo EP “The Antidote”.

Blending melodic elements with crisp sound design, Adam’s EP emits a power from its core. The opening track ‘Chronic’, a collaboration with KAS:ST, unites tough layers with a deeper layer of emotion.

On ‘Confusion’ he teams up with Glowal to splice a robotic vocal clip with a highly emotive melody and melodrama to great effect.

Lastly, ‘Poison’ is composed of heartfelt vocals, melancholy and potent stabs, closing out the EP with a solo cut.


1) Adam Sellouk, KAS:ST - Chronic (Extended Mix)

2) Adam Sellouk, Glowal - Confusion (Extended Mix)

3) Adam Sellouk - Poison (Extended Mix)


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