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AALN Land On ZEHN Records With 'Welcome To The Future' (Nick Schwenderling Remix)

Making an almighty return to ZEHN Records, German producer Nick Schwenderling touches down on the imprint with an epic remix of Welcome To The Future by enigmatic production outfit AALN.

Entering a futuristic dimension, the cut employs thunderous basslines and hard-hitting percussion, contrasted by celestial synths and delicate keys. The track’s spoken vocal helps to achieve a sense of adventure, as it leads us into the depths of the unknown. Taking the listener on a mind-blowing sonic voyage, the track twists and turns across its duration, exuding a larger-than-life presence. The expertly crafted remix is destined to fill festival dancefloors and airwaves around the world, and will leave people wanting more from this mysterious production group. Embarking on a new musical mission, enigmatic melodic techno act AALN has arrived to share their scintillating sound with the electronic music world. With their debut release, Welcome To The Future, the AI artists prepare audiences to be a part of a new movement in dance, filled with futuristic sounds that transport you to unchartered territories. Promising out of this world creations that are worthy of the globe’s most iconic stages, keep your eyes on this act as they claim their position as one of the scene’s most intriguing outfits. Born in 2001, Nick Schwenderling is one of dance music’s most passionate burgeoning producers. Despite having a hearing impairment, the young musician has been producing his own music since 2019, with the help of a special bone conduction system called BAHA (Bone Anchored Hearing Aid). An unstoppable force, Nick caught the attention of industry heavyweights, and has released on the likes of ZEHN, Ultra, Yellow Kitchen to name a few, and continues to stand out with his bold and daring cuts.

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