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VIKTHOR releases his new ‘All Together’ EP on Clif Jack’s MJA the Vision


Clif Jack's brand-new record label, MJA the Vision is back with its second release, and it's a peak time techno EP from VIKTHOR.


VIKTHOR is a respected techno artist who following early releases on the likes of Carl Cox's Intec, has built up an impressive back catalogue including other record labels ranging from Monika Kruse's Terminal M to The YellowHeads' Reload.


This two-track EP showcases VIKTHOR's ability to find the perfect balance between driving percussion and captivating melodies that add to the unfolding tension. Based in Naples, VIKTHOR is an Italian artist who is also a skilled DJ that has played everywhere from Amsterdam to Melbourne.


MJA the Vision is also accompanied by an event series that's hosted in the Italian city of Padova where DJs have ranged from Clif Jack to Timo Maas.


"All Together" opens the release with its rumbling bassline and pulsating synth, which lays a foundation for the fluttering tones of its acid line and trippy vocal sample. Its euphoric breakdown creates an uplifting crescendo, before the track is plunged into darkness when the percussion slams back in.


"Feel Alive" takes a stripped-back approach with sustained pads that build suspense as the track unfolds with ominous atmosphere. Its menacing stabs and dystopian atmospherics are underpinned by a pounding kick drum while fast-paced hi-hats provide exhilarating energy.


Buy a copy HERE.


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