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Status Zero unveils 3 track EP in anticipation of epic ‘aliens & Flowers’ Album

Status Zero impressed with recent single ‘alien 303’, unveiling a new album was on the way and teasing fans with an impressive first single from it. Now, the Berlin-based, Israeli native returns with a 3 track EP, adding to ‘alien 303’ with 2 new singles that further unveil the interstellar exploration Status Zero has undertaken with his forthcoming album.

While ‘alien 303’ was all about the acid line from the start, ‘if it was us?’ begins with warm pads, and puts the focus on building that atmosphere. That creates the tension for the first drop perfectly, which arrives with a warm rolling bass and sparse, heavily reverbed percussion. A repetitive melody is introduced, but this single is all about space, while continuing to evolve throughout.

Bad Memory’ utilises a dark vocal and skippy melody from the beginning, to give fans a taste of what they can expect from the third and final track of the EP. Trademark arpeggiated leads sit atop the beat, perfectly highlighting the extraterrestrial theme that runs throughout the whole release.

A theme that is set to be fully explored upon the release of the full album soon.

On the new EP and slowly unveiling his album project, Status Zero said, “I created 'if it was us?' because I wanted people to rethink themselves during this "trip" about if they are on the right path in life, sometimes humans need to stop and have a good deep discussion with their insider, and reflect on what they love or hate in them, and learning to accept them as they are now with no self-judgment.”


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