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Premiere: Ostrich - Double Dribble (James Dexter Remix) [Sublease Music]

James Dexter

Montreal based DJ and producer Ostrich debuts on Sublease Music with a double a-side release. Ostrich has already carved a path as a DJ and producer, pushing a minimalistic sound that pulls from downtempo, dub, deep house and techno. Download/stream it here:

Double Dribble, the title track provides an infectious bassline and airy pads floating on a super tight rhyhtm-section. In contrast, his second track, Too Dumb To Succumb The Drum focusses on a driving multi layered drum pattern with a wobbling bass and synthie stabs winding their way through, before turning into a futuristic deep house cut. London based James Dexter returns to Sublease for a stellar remix of Double Dribble. Synth-melodies and housey pads ride on a seriously heavy punching beat setting.

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