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Premiere: GABFFER - Streets (ENART Remix) [Parrots Records]

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

If you are an electronic music fan, prepare for a transcendent sound experience that will invade your ears. Parrots Records is proudly presenting the debut track "Streets," as remixed by ENART, a musical journey that will captivate and mesmerise.

It's a fusion of two exceptional talents from the electronic scene, GABFFER and ENART, which resulted in this musical masterpiece. GABFFER, known for his unique and atmospheric creations, brought "Streets" to the world with a captivating and immersive vision. ENART takes us on an even more profound and intriguing journey.

ENART's remix of "Streets" isn't just a song; it's a sonic experience. It delves into the nuances of the original GABFFER track, unfolding hypnotic layers of rhythm and melody that will transport you to a parallel universe. Pulsating beats, enveloping synths, and meticulously crafted sound elements combine to create a mysterious and immersive atmosphere.

The ENART remix is a testament to the power of collaboration in the electronic music scene. Two exceptional artists have joined forces to take us on a musical journey that transcends borders and connects us through the universal language of music.

The date to mark on your calendar is September 15th, when "Streets" (ENART Remix) will be officially released on Parrots Records. This is the day when you can lose yourself in the music, immerse yourself in the hypnotic beats and let yourself be carried away by a sound experience that will remain etched in your mind.

Parrots Records is bringing something truly special to electronic music lovers with the premiere of "Streets" (ENART Remix) by GABFFER. This is a shining example of how music can transcend borders and transport us to new worlds. Be prepared to lose yourself in the music and allow it to take you to places you never imagined.

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