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Next Generation (S. Echols, E. Echols, M. Echols) - Bad for me [N.C.M Label Detroit]

N.C.M Label Detroit prepare "Bad for Me" by S. Echols, E. Echols, M. Echols aka Next Generation on Friday, March 22, 2024. Featuring the track "Bad for Me," this release is an expression of legacy, innovation, and the bonds of kinship within the music industry.

Santonio Echols, a figure known for his seminal work with Kevin Saunderson under Reese and Santonio and his contributions to the influential "godsaidgiveemdrummachines" documentary, embarks on this endeavour alongside his two sons, blending the depth of experience with the fresh perspectives of the next generation.

"Bad for Me," a cover of the 1979 classic by Dee Dee Bridgewater produced by George Duke, serves as the heart of this release. Rejuvenated by flawless vocal work from Makeda Rose and remixed by a cadre of the finest underground producers from Detroit to Chicago. Santonio's involvement brings a richness to the project, his background in music and deep-rooted connections to the scene infuse the track with a palpable sense of continuity.

Featuring remix work from Eddie Fowlkes, Ron Caroll, Brian Bonds, Keither Tucker, Dj Emanuell and Manny Deep. Each taking the original in their own unique direction, from filter-funk, stripped back groovey house to more tech inspired work. The timeless nature of the music tying it all together nicely.

This release is part of Santonio Echols' desire to weave his history with the fresh future talents of his sons, creating a record that is both a homage to the past and a guiding light for the future. "Bad for Me" and the broader "Next Generation" project represent more than just music; they are a narrative of passing down knowledge, experience, and passion for music from one generation to the next.


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