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Love Remain debut their new emotive UK club project with 'No Tears In The Morning'

Emerging South London musical project Love Remain has unveiled its debut single ‘No Tears In The Morning’, out 8th July.

Tapping into a richly emotive UK club sound, ‘No Tears In The Morning’ delivers an intoxicating combination of quickfire breakbeats, mutated samples and the powerful spoken-word vocals of Gbyg Odbj. It follows ‘01/02’, a two-track edit package released in February.

"During the recording session with Gbyb in Tottenham, we sat and chat for around 4 hours, talking about everything from love to loss and our own personal life experiences, it was a side of vulnerability that I think we both didn’t expect to get to whilst writing this, we didn’t really have many expectations honestly, so we just went with it, it came together pretty quickly, literally during the last 30 minutes of the session.” Love Remain explains. “Leaving the studio that evening felt really cathartic, Big Love to Gbyg, he killed it on this!"

Love Remain is a new project curated from an appreciation of surroundings, and the things that are important. It’s about being more present, more curious and accepting of things for what they are. It’s reconnecting with people and friends, being out again and taking in where you are. Being able to slow down and reflect has a big influence on the music. It’s voice notes from friends, relationships, experiencing loss, field recordings in nature, odes to South London and the people there.

An astounding debut single, ‘No Tears In The Morning’ provides an exciting beginning for this fresh new project.

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