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KNARS Drops Heart-Pounding DnB Remix for Latest Single 'Delirious'


Dutch electronic live band KNARS won’t slow down in 2024. Following a busy run of shows and releases in 2023, they return in blistering fashion on 8th March with ‘Delirious’, delivering another of their poignant, lyrically arresting productions with a raucous Drum & Bass twist. Spearheaded by their frontman, consummate post-punk rapper Martijn Holtslag, ‘Delirious’ is another introspectively emo-laced affair, with potent lyrics to match its coarse, bass-heavy production. It also features another of KNARS’ undeniably artistic self-shot music videos, which the group are becoming renowned for accompanying with each release. Stream ‘Delirious’ from 8th March here:  

Join the realm of KNARS, fronted by lyricist, producer and filmmaker Martijn Holtslag, who smashes his frustrations into a turbulent cocktail of fierce vocals, aggressive synths, and disturbingly upfront music videos. The bold Dutchman takes inspiration from dance, rap and rave but also from philosophy and spirituality, taking listeners from mosh pits to meditation in seconds. Guided by a strong sense of justice and a f-you attitude, KNARS brings solace to the cynical and an outlet for anyone.

Hailing from Deventer, Netherlands, KNARS rose to underground fame in 2017 with their moshpit-angled bass music driven by harrowingly clear messaging. Video clips like ‘Bad Trip’ and ‘Fuckup’ garnered hundreds of thousands of views and led to live performances at ADE, Paaspop and prime Dutch Radio & TV. Their continued prominence soon led to an onslaught of new ideas inspired by the ever-changing world, inspiring a new, more explicit and reflective series than anything they’ve made before. Raw, unpretentious and in your face. 

KNARS have been destroying festivals and venues in their home country (NL), gaining praise and reviews from fans and critics alike. They have also gained international traction, touring in Hungary, Belgium, Czech and France whilst being highlighted by American, Russian and English music blogs. In 2019, their single “Push it To the Limit” made it into the Borderlands 3 game trailer soundtrack, gaining 5 million views. Within 12 months, another of their tracks was singled out by Netflix and synced into one of their original movie productions. Producer/MC/frontman Martijn Holtslag also gained individual notoriety when, after being physically attacked in public after a night out, he went on to shoot a video for the single ‘Fuckup,’ showing his injuries as a “middle finger to hate.”

With their latest release, ‘Delirious’, you’re treated to some of KNARS’ most diverse work to date spanning Drum & Bass, Reggae and Post Punk Rap as the record is delivered in a trio of unique formats.


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