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Interview with Dexter Troy

Hey Dexter! Thanks for joining us today. How's your summer been so far?

Hello! The summer is exciting and full of energy with several DJ gigs and music releases planned for the next six months. This is a time I particularly enjoy because there are many fun outdoor festivals.

Congrats on the release of La Montée EP on Street King. What was your experience working on this record?

Thanks! Working on the La Montée EP was a journey through my personal influences. It was a mix of my Spanish heritage from my mother, and my teenage years deeply influenced by the "French Touch". The track "La Montée" is a reflection of this fusion.

How did you first get into Music Production and DJ’ing?

My journey into music began in a bit of a "geeky" way - recording electronic sounds from video games like my Nintendo (NES) or my Sega (Megadrive). I was fascinated by electronic soundscapes. I later discovered Kraftwerk and Jean-Michel Jarre.

Then I started mixing at the age of 13 at the home of a friend’s older brother who was a fan of house & techno music and who was the only person in my neighbourhood to have MK2 decks (he generously let me use them to take my first steps). After that I started to mix in bars, clubs and festivals in the area and also started to produce.

Growing up, who were some of the musical influences that you think have shaped your taste in music?

My taste in music has been shaped by a wide range of influences, ranging from jazz, disco, funk, soul, to classical music, film music, and early vintage hip-hop.

What does your studio setup look like?

My studio is a mix of software and hardware. I use Ableton Live Suite as my DAW, with software from UHE, Native Instruments, iZotope, and Arturia. I also use samples from soundbanks like Vengeance, Rankin Audio, Loopmasters, etc. For hardware, I use a TR909, a TR808, a Nord Stage 3, a Nordlead 4, a Prophet 8, a Virus TI, and a Moog Voyager. Having good equipment is always very cool, but the difficult part is knowing how to use it skillfully.

Can you mention some instruments and plugins that you believe define your sound?

I would say Ableton, some good banks and the Moog Voyager: )

How that La Montée is out, what is next for Dexter Troy?

There are tracks in the pipeline with releases planned on King Street Sounds, Mood Funk Records, and Monoside Records, as well as DJ gigs in Switzerland and abroad.

Thanks for joining us today. Is there anything else you would like to mention before we go?

Thanks for the support and all the best for this summer!


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