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Interview: Loui & Scibi Talk History, Studio Techniques, Déepalma Records and More

Updated: May 26, 2023

Loui & Scibi facing the camera in front of palm trees

Backing up a wealth of releases in the last decade on Hed Kandi, Taste The Music, and of course, their regular homes Déepalma Soul and Déepalma Records, talented Polish duo Loui & Scibi return to the latter with an impressive addition to the label’s ever-growing catalogue this May. Spanning two club-focused dance cuts, their ‘Get Down / Higher’ EP serves a potent dose of electronic dancefloor-focused goodness.

You can buy/stream it here:

The duo will also feature in Déepalma’s upcoming Ibiza compilation.

2023 marks an impressive milestone for Déepalma Records as they prepare to celebrate their tenth anniversary. The label has gone from strength to strength over the last decade, welcoming releases from some of the best-known artists on the planet and helping springboard some of the industry’s most promising talents. To celebrate ten years of Déepalma - the imprint is releasing a set of exceptional anniversary singles throughout the year, along with two extra-special editions of its renowned seasonal compilation series, packed with a wealth of impressive tracks.

To celebrate their imminent release, we caught up with Loui & Scibi for an exclusive chat about their history, production techniques, their relationship with the label and much more:


How did you start working together, and what inspired you to become a DJ/producer duo?

Our collaboration began 15 years ago with a request for a remix. Loui had a track, “Feel The Sun”, recorded with Nathalia (with whom we later recorded many tracks together) and asked Scibi for a remix, after which we decided to release it together as Loui & Scibi. The collaboration was so fruitful that we recorded another track from the beginning as a duo. That’s how “This Is How We Do It” was created, which turned out to be a big success and can be said to have sealed our project. DJ Meme’s Mix of “This Is How We Do It” is also featured on the new “Déepalma Ibiza 2023 - 10th Anniversary “album.

Can you describe your creative process when making music, and how do you collaborate to bring your ideas to life?

Due to the fact that we live in other cities, our projects are largely created over the Internet. We use a platform that allows us to share an Ableton project so that everyone can always download the latest version and continue working. We consult our ideas and leave the one that sounds best. If possible, of course, we also try to meet sometimes in the studio to be more creative.

Your latest EP, “Get Down / Higher “, has received positive feedback from fans and critics alike. Can you share with us some of the inspiration behind this project?

This project is significantly different from what we have been releasing so far. Firstly, it is our first project after a rather long hiatus due to the development of our solo careers and personal lives. Secondly, it is also musically distinct. Up until now, you might have associated Loui & Scibi with slower, summer vibes, whereas “Get Down” is decidedly more dynamic, leaning towards tech-house, which we truly enjoy playing at gigs.

Déepalma Records is known for its unique sound and support of up-and-coming artists. How did your collaboration with the label come about, and what has it been like working with them?

Our cooperation with Déepalma has been going on since its very beginning due to the fact that we had already worked with Déepalma owner Yves Murasca at his previous label. Moreover, our entire previous catalogue went from there to Déepalma. In addition, this is one of the few labels that we feel is so efficiently managed (no butter up) that it’s a pure pleasure to work with them.

You have played at various clubs and festivals around the world. Can you share a memorable experience from your time on the road with us?

We really enjoy playing in venues where we can be closer to the audience, literally within arm’s reach. It’s easier for us to create a connection with the dance floor and play a better party.

How do you balance your strengths and differences to create a cohesive sound and brand as a duo?

In truth, there are a few misunderstandings between us when it comes to taste and sound, and it even works the other way around, where we get excited about an idea, only to realize calmly after some time that we missed the mark :)

What advice would you give to up-and-coming DJs and producers trying to make a name for themselves in the industry?

First and most important - you should enjoy what you create to never lose that spark. It is also worth observing current trends, and searching for sounds that we feel will dominate the dance floors in the coming time. However, it is necessary to add one’s own element, something distinctive that defines our own sound. Of course, it is easy to say, but I believe that everyone naturally develops something like that with each subsequent release.

Lastly, what can fans expect from Loui & Scibi in the future, and what exciting projects do you have?

We can reassure you here because it definitely isn’t our final word, and in the future, you can expect new projects from us. We are aware that time is not on our side in this regard, but we still have a few ideas in our minds that we would like to bring to life.


Loui & Scibi’s ‘Get Down / Higher’ is available from 26th May 2023 via Déepalma Records.

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