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Grum returns with "Come With Me" & a new hardware only live act.

Breaking free from the laptop!

After a year spent locked away in the studio, Grum returns with “Come With Me”, his first single release since 2022.

Opening the start of a new chapter in his ever evolving sound, “Come With Me” takes a back to basics approach to electronic music. Created 100% from hardware drum machines, synthesizers and samplers, its striking melody pulls listeners along on a euphoric trip. This track will be the first of many released on his Being imprint, a new label set up to showcase artistic freedom.

As well as new music, Grum has created a fully live show which he will be taking on the road in 2024. Based on the hardware he used to write the new music, this laptop-free performance will allow him to play and control all aspects of his tracks, and re-arrange and remix them live for a highly immersive sonic experience.



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