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"Enjoy the process without focusing on the outcome" Golan Zocher interview

Golan Zocher is a multifaceted electronic music producer and DJ renowned for blending underground electronic beats with diverse cultural influences. Hailing from Cali, Colombia, his musical journey is marked by a rich tapestry of sounds, from Israeli music to the vibrant rhythms of his hometown. This unique blend informs his explorative approach to music, producing tracks that defy genre boundaries.

His latest collaborative with Choopsie, Make Me Famous EP, is a special one because it represents two tracks of different realms, where one is of light and comfort, security and sense of be- longing while the other represents a world of confusion, distress and hypnotic darkness.

You began your career in an environment dominated by salsa and tropical rhythms. How did this distinct cultural backdrop shape your music style, particularly as you shifted towards underground electronic music?

Growing up in a home filled with Israeli music and culture, then stepping into the streets of Cali, my hometown, introduced me to a vastly different reality, reminiscent of another era, which was not prevalent at home. This contrast allowed me to embrace a wider range of music and genres, enabling me to explore each track I produce uniquely, which I thoroughly enjoy.

Having immersed yourself in the electronic music scenes of both Colombia and Israel, how do these diverse cultural influences impact your work and your approach to electronic music?

The difference is stark, especially when comparing producers in Colombia and Israel. The cultural influences are evident in the music of each country. In Israel, young adults serve in the army at an early age, a complex issue, leading them to gravitate towards music that is faster and more straightforward post-service, such as Trance, with higher BPMs. In contrast, Colombia lacks this existential threat, allowing for a calmer approach to music, whether it's within the vast genre of Latin rhythms or electronic music, where Trance or Techno exist but aren't dominant. For me, being in the midst of these diverse sounds as a music lover is fantastic.

You've learned music production through self-teaching. What resources or methods would you recommend to aspiring producers for mastering production skills?

Start with high-quality samples, whether drums, effects, or anything else. Good samples lead to a naturally better and easier mix. Enjoy the process without focusing on the outcome, allowing you to learn and experiment fearlessly.

Reflecting on your discography, which release do you believe was a turning point in your career, and why?

My first remix and release, a remix for Philip Chedid, supported by Hernan Cattaneo, significantly boosted my confidence in my direction. Since then, many releases have been pivotal, but I can’t single one out over the others.

Can you tell us about your latest collaboration with Choopie? Was there any specific inspiration?

This project started from scratch, evolving into a dynamic 8-minute track that continuously progresses. The inspiration wasn't specific; we were simply enjoying the process and embracing the good vibes.

What makes Zatar Music the perfect platform for this release?

Meeting Phonique years ago in Colombia and sharing my music with him has been a joy. Showcasing my work on his label is an honor, given my admiration for his releases.

Your collaboration with Ojeni on "Alive" was serendipitous. How do you approach collaborations, and what qualities do you seek in a collaborator?

The collaboration with Ojeni was unique. We started from scratch, blending melodies, grooves, and vocals in an enjoyable project. Collaborations are exciting because the outcome is unpredictable, exploring unknown territories but with beautiful vistas. I’m open to collaborating with artists of any genre or style, making the process intriguing.

With a preference for plugins and live instruments, can you discuss a tool or software essential to your recent productions?

Key tools in my arsenal include Operator, Diva, U-he plugins, and Ping Pong Delay.

You mentioned that every track you create begins from scratch without a predefined genre. Could you explain this process?

I treat each new project as a blank canvas, never knowing whether it will be progressive, deep house, chill-out, or experimental. I might start with a captivating pad or groove, building from there, ensuring each project feels fresh and new.

As your artistry evolves, what unexplored areas or genres within electronic music are you interested in experimenting with?

I’m currently working on an experimental, chill-oriented electronic album. I feel a deep connection to this music style, which, to me, transcends time.

Golan Zocher & Choopsie - Make Me Famous is out now on Zatar Music


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