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DJ Tennis Unveils New Cooking Series ‘Munchietown’

DJ Tennis

DJ Tennis has unveiled a sizzling new venture, ‘Munchietown’, a vibrant cooking show and web series poised to revolutionize the intersection of music and gastronomy. Alongside an illustrious music career, DJ Tennis is a committed foodie. With a history that includes owning a restaurant and crafting culinary experiences for special events like Bridges for Music Charity Dinners (ADE), Senza Fine x W Hotels (Miami), and Carousel x AVA Paired (LDN), DJ Tennis' undeniable passion for gastronomy is no secret. With ‘Munchietown’ he unites the vibrant community and energy of DJing with the creative and down to earth realm of the home kitchen.

‘Munchietown’ is poised to be a catalyst for culinary exploration and entertainment, inviting viewers to embark on a flavorful journey while celebrating the art of swift and delightful cooking. The first three episodes feature co-host Paul Delrez, acclaimed chef and social media personality known for his ‘Hot Regressive Cuisine’. Guests for the second and third shows respectively include wizard French producer and DJ Traumer followed by Parisian restaurateur Simon Auscher. World famous DJ and self-confessed foodie Seth Troxler is also confirmed for a later show.

Tailored for Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, each 1 minute episode promises a captivating fusion of engaging conversations and culinary finesse as DJ Tennis interacts with an array of notable co-hosts and guests. These characters span diverse industries encompassing music, food, fashion, comedy and more.

Together, while musing on life and food, they will whip up delectable recipes designed to be prepared in 15 minutes or less, employing accessible ingredients that inspire audiences to embrace everyday cooking with enthusiasm and joy.


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